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Come check out the new kid on the block: a game uniquely about choices through gameplay with a slick retro style.

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IndieDB has a pretty unwieldy interface for (accidentally) deleting posts, so I have to post this again:

I guess the best way to explain this project is to explain where I came from when I started making it.

I had just finished playing various Dragon Age and Mass Effect games and I loved the focus on story but felt like something was really missing. Namely that it felt like the gameplay was disjoint from the story, there was a massive divide. Half the game was running around shooting aliens and orcs and the other half was talking to fleet commanders and noblemen. They took place in the same world, but they might as well have been two different games.

This disjointed gameplay never let me really enjoy the games as much as other people did. In order to feel like I was part of the world I wanted people in the political game to pay attention to what I did in the shooting game beyond scripted points. And I wanted to be able to turn the political game into a shooting game if that was the character I was playing.

So while I don't profess to be able to make a game of Bioware calibre or an epic story, I want to teach those AAA devs a lesson. In my game you are given the power to make the choices you want to and the choices you make in game are what will effect the story, not the options you choose in a dialogue tree.

If you think that this idea combined with some really innovative platformer gameplay sound cool then I suggest you stick around. I promise I'll give you something interesting to think about!

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