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Hello world!

Welcome to the Multi Theft Auto - Racing Essentials mod page. This mod page is dedicated for people who play GTA: San Andreas Multiplayer named Multi Theft Auto and play mainly on RACE gamemode / or want to do a server with that particular gamemode.

This will be a script / map repository, where you'll be able to download new scripts - that are free to share here (for your racing server)

- New maps

- Other addons

If you're interested in contributing, and want to help by sharing some useful script (made by you, or somebody that allow you to post it here) let me know - I can put it here. You'll be also able to help me fix some of my scripts, or event scripts that I hired people to do for - some script blueprints etc also will be shared here for you all so if you'll be down to help me you can post it here on the forum or in my private message inbox - I will greatly appreciate it.

If you would like to talk to me through different ways - I have my own Racing Server that I run sometimes publicly: - you can join it and if you do I'll join too to talk. You can also write on chat while no-one is around and I'll be able to read it through console.

Follow this mod page if you're interested! Thank you


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