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More News On Raven Conspiricy And How Build 0.4 Is Slowly Driving Me Insane.

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Hntrcnewlogo-The Mod is Now Mixed Art- Now Before you raise Your Pitchforks About this. The Mod Is Primarily still old art. heck to prove I'm not dropping The Main Aspect of the mod I Imported Even More Cut Old Art Models from Alpha 2-

With The Release Of Hello Neighbor Old Days Demo Build A mod That is Way Bigger Then The Raven Conspiracy. and In My Opinion Is Actually Better At Using The Fundamentals Of Old Hn. Heck The Mods Even Including Concept Art Houses From OG hn Development Cycle

in my best Opinion Go Check it out hello-neighbor-old-days.

In Other News on Raven Conspiracy Aka Pain 4 me

Act 3 is nearing completion and Act 1 is getting reworked to fit the new segment of raven brooks

Act 1 & 3 are set in the residential district of raven brooks/OldTown so they Share a similar open area hence why Act 3 is Finished done before Act 2

Here Is A Screenshot Showing Of The Reworked Act 1

Build 0.4 teaser Reworked Act 1

Act 2 is being reduced is scale and is being segmented to 2 Parts

—the tunnels and the Market district/UpTown—

these used to be one whole level but splitting it will help with performance and my sanity. Since I’m a one member team only and could really use a level designer to help take strain of me trying to rework other key systems in the mod.

Main menu Ui / Mod logo have been redesigned to fit a stylish Old but New look. Logo was based of one of the original hello neighbor logo designs. Even went above and beyond and Made a special development build logo to.

progress has been slow and I want the build to be finished by October but at this rate except December not gunna lie on that the pain of working on making 3 levels patching 2 pre-existing levels to fix issues and improve the look of the mod. tried Editing Alpha 1s model to add the upper floors. another thing added to the list of pain. I have to learn blender now? just Gotta hope somebody has all ready done this

just incase people didn’t know a hidden Prealpha level is in the latest public build and can be access in act 1 by the shed on the lake the key is hidden in a locker not to far away and a Crowbar is required to open said shed.

the reason I’m pointing that out as most people who have played and recorded the mod missed the bonus level. And it’s accessible from the level select so a big chunk of content Is Being Missed from the current demo builds

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Oh yeah Hello neighbor old days would be bigger cuz act 5 will have a lot of puzzle and hard to complete! also thanks for the support!

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