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News On the State Of Hello Neighbor The Raven Conspiracy some Good Some Bad

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Am I Dead.
I'm Still Working On The Mod
Act 2 Is Finished Its Concept Stage And is in Semi Basic Playable Prototype state
The Act is "There" its just missing The basic Stealth Gameplay as Act 2 is Entirely Stealth Based.
Act 2 Hidden Level I Want to be Alpha 1 complete with all of the floors from the scrapped Floor Plan but I Lack The Basic Blender Skills to edit the cut 3rd model to the according.
if anyone is up for the challenge Feel Free to Contact me About it.
PS You Will Be Credited In The Credits "I'm not that type of person to Steal"
Act 3 is In The Basic Design Phase You Wont Be Seeing it For Awhile
The Reason its taking so long to make Act 2 as I'm currently on Act 3 at the same time an intend to release them at the same time as well

Sorry For the Update
but Act 2 and 3 Will be the longest levels yet Hopefully

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