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Going to try our best putting in new scripts as well with even more maps.

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Hey guys the Persistent Europe staff has decided to start hosting events for the server. We are also going to be making our own maps for these events and have historical key points in it. We are going to have Sieges,Role play moments,and regular battles. We will be going to be trying to host 24/7. We will be putting rules up as well. There is going to be a big difference with these events of how there will be a armory training room so forth in the castle or camp. And you will have to stock all that you want in armor and weapons and be in a team effort. You will have all the raw materials you will need so that you can create your armor. The goal is so that we can have the economy player based then you spawning in with lots of money. When you spawn in you will have to build up money and we will soon have buy able houses for everyone hopefully to buy so that this can be a really cool RP moment for everyone.

Have any questions for suggestions please contact us at

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