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Hellbound: the Awakening Update - New screenshots with updated Cave and Limbo areas.

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Hellbound: the Awakening

NSwitch/Steam - TBD 2022

Hi friends, here is a quick update with Screenshots of features that we have worked on in the last few months. We have added improved art assets and the lighting effect to our game, which makes the game more atmospheric.

Hub Area

ss 3a5144efd1ee02235a233dc58673e

Lamina Boss

ss 570507575f470525cd09a3e61b694

Beelzebub boss - Lord of Limbo

ss 051a142d38c30e9c40e4ca18778fd

New map system - inspired by Castlevania SOTN

ss 3433f5f3e45b504d8648cd84645d3

Inventory menu - inspired by classic 90s games. Here you can equip/use items

ss a2f373084a372ad6c9bbd7f870b22

Abilities Screen - Highlighted is an ability that allows you to transform into a bat to bypass obstacles and enter areas that you couldn't previously.

ss cd499fc0d9e3ccf6ed53022f8481f

Welcome to Limbo. Condemned souls just laying in agony while constantly annoyed by flies.

ss b3895801dd4e7da20934fe3f90405

Charon in his boat, waiting to take condemned souls to Hell.

ss 49606d8ab6a266f3d786377d725ce

Friend or a foe? Come closed to find out.

ss c0567f79779c8f2598536bb6a0e5e

This is where it all begins, in an old mine.

ss 4d40f6efb5bd7591e9605b91841c6

Some demons from the Catacombs. Be wary of the monstrosity in the back, get close and she explodes taking everyone with her.

ss 7789d6019357b112c394503bfb888

Hungry spiders, waiting for their next meal

ss 3aa84944124dbc6dd4e426961c43e

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