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A changelog and update concerning all the changes that have been made to Heist Night. In addition, a thank you for all who dedicated their time to play the game and let us know about their experiences.

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Hello all,

It has been almost three months since Heist Night was released to the public, and, fortunately, people have emotionally invested themselves by playing it-- stating they would like to see more in the future.

Update #2 detailsHeistNightUpdate2

Heist Night Update #2 strives to improve the overall user experience by the following:

  • Added a ''dynamic stamina regeneration'' system to increase player agency and enhance strategic decision-making. To corroborate this, an additional "sneak" stance has been added (hold control to activate).
  • Improved overall game balance.
  • *Added an additional treasure in the level to reduce the chances of consecutively (as a thief) having to obtain the same treasure.
  • Added transform interpolation and extrapolation to ensure the game remains reasonably balanced and fair in case of low-latency connections and packet losses.
  • Minor changes in level design to improve overall flow and gameplay options.
  • Baked and applied a higher quality light map.
  • "Input IP address here" field is censored.
  • Added a "text chat" option to facilitate text-based communication in-game (Press "Enter" button).
  • Added a "randomise exit colours" option when hosting the game.

Future plans

We have read and listened to feedback provided by the players, and one of the most prominent issues present in Heist Night is it repetitive structure due to the limited number of maps and treasures available.

Please note that during the initial development of Heist Night (as a student project), the most valuable and limited resource was "time." The team spent a lot of time on prototyping level designs with the intent of creating one strong level at its gold master release. Since then, Heist Night has been released to the public, and due to the project being continued outside of the net of academia, we have the opportunity to create more levels and release them to the public.

There is no estimated time of arrival concerning these new maps, but we hope you look forward to these once they arrive.


We would like to thank everyone that has played Heist Night in the past, those that are experiencing it for the first time and those who are still playing it on a regular basis. The reception has moved the members of the development team, and we hope you continue to be emotionally moved by Heist Night, its music and the experience that it attempts to provide.

The following is a playlist of every person that has played Heist Night and recorded their experiences.

We hope you will enjoy Heist Night, its upcoming levels and more. Be sure to track Heist Night on indie.db/games/heist-night to stay updated on the latest news.

Choose your preferred OS and download Heist Night Update #2!

Heist Night Windows download red 1Heist Night macosx download rediHeist Night linux download redir 1


Elroy Gopal

Lead Level Designer & QA Director

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This news post was released a bit earlier than expected. If you downloaded Heist Night within 4 hours after this post got released, you will still have the old version; and will have to re-download the new one. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download here:

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