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It's been 5 months since the last D-day news post, to make up for it I plan to post over 100 new units over the next two months. To start things off here are three unique heavy tanks from pre & early WW2.

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It's been 5 months since my last news post, which is far to long. I haven't been sitting idle all that time tho, in fact I now have a backlog of 130 units to post! I have set myself the task of organising & posting them all on the D-day wiki & website before the end of the year, so you can expect to be seeing a lot more D-day news.

To start things off here are three unique heavy tanks from pre & early WW2.

The T-39 is a heavy multi-turreted breakthrough tank project started in the early 1930's. During it's development eight different layouts were designed, including one with two large turrets each armed with twin 107mm cannons. In 1933 the design was finalised with a single large turret with a 152mm & three smaller 47mm armed turrets. The feasibility of such a large tank and the ever growing costs meant that in 1934 the project was cancelled and work was instead switched to the less complex T-35.

In June 1942 Ferdinand Porsche presented the design for the 100t VK100.01 Mammut to Hitler. He liked the design & authorized the construction of a prototype. Soon after he requested some changes be made and over the next eight months the VK100.01 went through several different designs and names until February 1943 when it was finalised as the PzKpfw VIII Maus

The Ansaldo GL-4 was an Italian heavy tank project from 1929, very little is known about it's development but the Italian army rejected it due to the complexity and cost. Ansaldo then tried to sell the design to the Soviets who were more interested but preferred to design there own heavy tank.

There is some argument between historians if the turret was really equipped with two cannons or if the only known image shows a single barrel at both min/max elevation. I couldn't resist the chance to make a WW1 style Mammoth tank tho so I gave it both barrels :P

GraionDilach - - 451 comments

I love the GL-4. That unit design is so crazy that it begs to be a YR unit. :D

I'll prolly use that tread design myself as well at a later point. Thanks for the inspiration, wouldn't even heard of it on my own.

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FortressMaximus - - 1,664 comments

Italian design. *O*

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alfaland - - 33 comments

Too good to see new post~~~

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

Glad to see this mod isn't dead! Looks amazing!

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