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The Heavy Artillery BRAWL is live! This ranged-combat BRAWL is designed for Tanks, Mechs, Plasmas and the Gyro Mortar.

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Check your range and fire away with out latest BRAWL, Heavy Artillery that’s now live! In this special ranged-combat BRAWL designed for Tank Tracks and Mech Legs, the weapons of choice are Plasmas and the recently released Gyro Mortar.

BRAWL Rules:

  • BRAWL name: Heavy Artillery
  • Permitted weapons: Plasma and Mortar only
  • Permitted movement: Mech Legs and Tank Tracks only
  • Permitted CPU: 1250 and above
  • Game mode: Battle Arena
  • First Victory Bonus: x3 XP and x1 crate

We've also made some changes and fixed a few bugs too. You'll find these below.


  • Updated Gyro Mortar splash damage VFX when you hit yourself or shields


  • Gyro Mortar and Plasma explosion splash damage will now work correctly when interacting with objects such as walls, bridges, your own Robot and shields
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from earning the "Keep on Truckin'" achievement
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users who are in the same clan from seeing more than one clan avatar of those members in battle
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