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Heathen announces the Heathen Terrain Tools asset. This tool gives the developer a wide range of handy features for Unity Terrain objects and Mesh objects. It includes Heathen's Tri-Planar Terrain shaders, import/export functionality for height maps and control maps and even powerful height map generation and editing tools. To top it all off it includes a power auto-texture facility based on configurable filters or 'methods'.

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Heathen Engineering has been hard at work on a new asset we have thus far called Terrain Tools. The purpose of the asset or tool rather is to provide the developer with an editor extension that enables the import and export of height maps, controls aka splat maps and prototypes.

The tool works against Unity Terrain objects and custom Mesh objects e.g. you can splat your mesh and import a height map to it in editor.

In addition the tool is designed to work at edit time and run time ... see the feature list below.

  • Import/Export heigh map to png
    This includes the facility to save to disk :)
  • Import/Export 'Controls' e.g. the alpha map as textures
    Again this includes the facility to save to disk
  • Generate and edit height map data from
    • Perlin noise calculation; sync and async
    • Blended height map layers; e.g. layer many maps together for all sorts of cool effects
    • Smoothing is also available either as a global over all or through the height map layers smoothing only specific areas
  • Auto texture the terrain ... or Mesh
    This includes a sync and async variant and does so with powerful prototype methods e.g. discribe how you want the texture to be applied be that a height range, slope range, normal direction, masked input, etc. and have it all blend nicely
  • Heathen Engineering Tri-Planar shading
    The tool will include the Terrain Tri-Planar shaders we offer through Heathen Engineering's Tri-Planar Essentals these handy shaders insure your textures never stretch or distort and always tiles nicely no matter where the Terrain or Mesh is placed by projecting according to world space.
    These can of course take more than 4 textures; this is done the same way Unity's stock Terrain shaders do it e.g. AddPass so 4, 8, even 16 but now your getting silly ... all supported.
    PS Heathen shaders come in traditional and Unity Standard aka PBS variants
  • Extensive documentation
    Videos and documentation are all written and ready to go
  • Full Heathen Support
    As with all of our products you get Heathen Support; we take support vary seriously and will not only insure the product works but assist you as you implement the product to your project. In fact this product grew from a support case on theTri-Planar Essentials product :)

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