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As soon as citizens are added to your town, they will begin consuming your food stores. You have a little to start with to get your town going but you will need to supply the town with a consistent and varied diet in order to keep your people happy. This article covers the basics of producing various types of food in order to make your town self-sufficient and keep your citizens happy.

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Greetings Mayor of Blockville!

Your town is starting to grow as you have added a couple of houses and have a small group of people, but the citizens are getting hungry and hungry people are not happy people, so how do you feed the starving masses?

The Farm

In Blockville, the primary food production building is the farm.
In order to build a farm, you must have citizens living in your town who can work on the farm.
The farm allows one of four types of food to be grown at any time.
The selected crop can be changed by:

  1. Click on a farm and use the right and left arrows at the bottom of the building information to switch what item is being produced.
  2. Confirm the change by clicking the green checkmark between the two left and right arrows.

Once a crop has been selected and citizens have planted the chosen crop, the farm's building info will display the number of seconds remaining until it is ready to be harvested.

Wheat Field


Pumpkin Patch


Tomato Field


Corn Field


Farm Support Structures

In addition to the farm itself, there are two buildings that are usually placed nearby, the Windmill and the Food Storage silos.



The purpose of the windmill is to double the output of adjacent farm plots. As the area of effect is fairly small, it can be tricky to place a windmill in such a way as to cover multiple farms but it is possible.

Food Storage

These large silos hold any type of food resource and increase the overall capacity of your town by an additional 100 pieces of food.

Farmless Food Items

There are also two other types of food, both of which require special resources(flowers and fish) nearby to produce food items.

The Fishing Hut

This building must be placed near a body of water with the area of effect containing at least some fish. If no fish are visible in the water where it is built, it won't produce any food for the town. While the image shows power structures near the fishing hut, these aren't necessary as it doesn't require power.


The Honey Farm

While being called a farm, this building doesn't produce anything directly. Instead, it is designed to be placed with the area of effect covering a section of flowers. The bees on the farm will collect and produce honey for your townspeople as long as there are workers currently working inside it.


Advanced Food Processing

In order to turn basic food items into better quality food items, the player needs to build a bakery.
Once built and staffed, it will automatically start converting raw food resources into bread and pies, which are more enjoyable for the citizens in your town and offers some variety to their meal options.
This helps to prevent being penalized by the "Boring Diet" status effect and having your citizens become unhappy.

The Bakery


Hopefully, this has given you a better understanding of how food items are produced and consumed in Blockville.

Next time, we look forward to showcasing the buildings related to wood and plastic production as we continue to explore the content which will be available in October 2022 through the playable demo.

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