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With the finalization of the hardcore difficulty, we would like to tell you what you gain from playing it, and show how it definitely is a much harder challenge!

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We know some people out there love a challenge, and some people like to just be able to brag that they beat hardcore and got to see more easter-eggs and content. Well, we have good news for you! Hardcore is now fully working and introduced into the mod!

Features of Hardcore Include

  • Head shots Only

While it is still possible to kill zombies without headshots, you will be wasting a lot of ammo. You will need to conserve as much ammo as possible if you want to survive this.

  • No Lives

If you die, you're partner will be left to defend himself alone. Watch your back for zombies, and don't let them get you!

  • Special Hardcore Only Events And Secrets

With this new hammer entity, we are now able to add in new hardcore only features to maps. This can include small things like more zombies in a map, to large things like altered map direction, and voice acting/scenes!

We hope the hardcore difficulty will be a great experience to those dedicated and skilled players, and that it brings a new level of horror into this cooperative mod of having to worry about the consequences of when you die.

You may just have to actually choose who goes first in a situation, and make sure you avoid friendly fire at all costs!

We would like to also let you guys know with this news update that we are still recruiting the following:

  • Modelers - Email: At least two examples of models you have created.
  • Note: The models do not need to be textured or UVW unwrapped. But it is a great plus.
  • UVW Unwrappers - Email: At least one example of a organic and/or non-organic uvw unwrap.
  • Texture Artist - Email: At least 3 textures you have created. Being able to work on hud graphics are a huge plus. Note: The textures can be for models, in-game wall/prop use, hud textures, or even reskins of already made models.
  • Email all applications to
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nice, nice mod just dont die or something or i kill myself

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