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A look at where we stand and where we're going. Also featured this time around is the Evoker, a powerful enemy that you'll be fighting from afar.

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As with all games, regardless of size or genre, it takes a lot of time and skill to get the work done and a playable product. So with that said I am going to take the opportunity to thank every member of the team here at Heptade Studios for all the blood sweat and tears that has been put into this game so that we can get it out to you, the players.

We’re also happy to announce that we have recently finished iterating the main game systems. From this point on everything that will be in the game has been decided and nothing else will be added or taken away. Over the next few weeks we will be polishing the game while waiting for the rest of the finalized art assets. With everything in the game now under final production, we hope to have it out to you very soon.

For now you’ll have to bear with us as we work to get everything done for you all to play. However this week you’ll get another look at some of the concepts behind the game. This time around it’ll be the Evoker; a floating monstrosity of rubble and hatred. You will have to take care when commanding your team on the battlefield in order to avoid the Evoker’s devastating ranged bombardments.

Last time we left off with an interview from one of the concept artists, but unfortunately everyone is hard at work and arranging another interview is tough. However, if you’d like to hear from other members of the team then either tweet us @Heptade_Studios or leave us a post on Facebook. Until next time we’ll be hard at work on Holdout.

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