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just a happy x-mas message with a twist.............

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Happy Holidays to all...
The Countdown are...
30 days to X-mas...

30 - Independence Day Mothership
29 - Dominion Capital Ship
28 - Star Destoryer
27 - Deathshead
26 - Minbari Firgate
25 - ISSCV
24 - New Basestar
23 - Banshee
22 - TOS Viper
21 - Zhu Feng
20 - Marathon
19 - Battlestar Pegasus
18 - Vulture Droid
17 - Saratoga
16 - Excalibur
15 - Phantom
14 - Saratoga Carrier
13 - White Star
12 - Dalek Saucer
11 - BC-304 mk2
10 - Independence Day fighter
09 - Piecekeaper Carrier
08 - Waterloo
07 - Retibution
06 - Anubis's Mothership
05 - Starship Yamato
04 - Dalek Soldier
03 - TOS Battlestar
02 - PK Prowler
01 - Normandy SR2

Its X-mas day...
And i promised you something cool...
Well here goes...
This is the internal alpha, and will only be available until new years day, so get it while its hot. Also this is given out under the knowledge that it has some major issues atm from freezing when attacking some starbases (not sure if its fixed, but it should be) to a non-complete B5 and Wing commander factions. Balancing is also in the middle of being re-worked so its also all over the place...
Do not complain if it doesn't work, or that there wont be any fixes, and when i take this down again...
All you need to know is that its here as a one off thing, and i wasn't even going to do this, so be happy youve got it...
Also, theres another new contest, to... you guessed it... design the new splash screen. All you need to do is DL the internal and youll have access to the ships needed and remember, it needs all the logos of the different companies and the same or similar disclaimer as the one in the gallery.
So hav fun, and ill run this image as one of the enteries, so enjoy.
thanks for the fun...
see you in 2011

Mhoom12 - - 147 comments

Loving the Who content

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power.5000 - - 220 comments

normady is awsome :D cant wait to use in game

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SPARTAN291 - - 106 comments

Dammit. It was only a toss up as to whether I'd play as Halo or Star Wars (with Halo winning by a very narrow margin), and now I need to choose between those AND Mass Effect? <=(

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Admiral-Ash - - 1,812 comments

I guessing the new ships will be in the next update. Or are they in the special release? I really would like to see the ID Mothership and fighter, along with the Yamato.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

theyre in the internal im putting up, but they are skirimish only, and they are well hidden lol.
Also im having an issue with the upload, its taking WAY to long, so ive started it again (After it timed out) hopefully have it up in a few hours

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EclipseStardestroyer - - 1,716 comments

what is an internal alpha, just extra ships to the 0.45 version?

Speaking of which, i can't get the Alliance Assault Frigate for the Star Wars faction to show up in skirmish

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Admiral-Ash - - 1,812 comments

Well as long they're in there...somewhere, I'm happy. I really need to download a new one anyways. The current version of SFaW I have is the last one with only four factions. My internet is slow, but not too slow, so it takes about an hour to download the mod.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

well the next one has everything, from sound and music to SFX and its about 900mb lol

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TAL-EL - - 111 comments

merry christmas everyone on my side of the globe anyways lol

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Echo-Four - - 671 comments

Counting down to the Normandy =)

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arkangel101 - - 82 comments

I have used a few of these all the star trek, halo and star wars ships but it is killing me wondering which faction has the normandy sr2

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