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Happy Valentines Day to everyone at IndieDB. We are on sale again - Doris is missing her late husband Albert this Valentines Day. Show her some love and buy Doris and the Dragon for 33% off on all platforms!

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Happy Valentines Day - Sale NOW ON!

You can pick up Doris Episode 1 on all platforms right now for 33% OFF
BUY NOW: Steam (PC, Mac and Linux)

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Check out this incredible image by Dark Litria. Please support her on Patreon

Check out some of our recent reviews on Steam from Verified Customers:

Going to be honest, I didnt care what this game was - I was buying it just for the word "dragon". But I'm really happy I spent that £2.50.

Good art, great voices, a little short but we all know size doesn't matter all that much (PLUS it has a dragon). I love the humour and I'm curious as to where the story is going. I found this game while looking through the steam market results for "dragon background", I stumbled upon Norb and I HAD to buy the game. And I'm glad I did.

Can't wait for Episode 2.

- CrazyOatmeal via Steam


Doris and the Dragon is a love story. Our brave heroine is on a journey to find her missing husband Albert in the vast wilderness that is Limbo / Purgatory / The Divide / The Underworld - whatever you want to call it really.

We are pleased to announce that we are on sale again to celebrate Valentine's Day! I'm sure Doris misses Albert very much so make sure you support the project this week!

Today, Saf has been spending her time with us creating the stunning promo image that is available at the top of the page. Here is a sketch of the work in progress.

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This week, Valve announced the new Steam Direct feature that will now replace Greenlight which is exciting news for the development community. There are a few articles that have been posted over the last few days that go into the potential strengths and weaknesses of such a system but we have faith that whatever happens, it will benefit the Steam marketplace as a whole.

It does throw a bit of a spanner into the works of how we were planning to release the full Doris game but the plan is to still aim to upload Doris and the Dragon Episode 2 to Greenlight as soon as possible. We hope that we can have your support to push this through the voting procedure as quickly as we did last time!

This week we've been busy putting some new music into the game! In the last post, we revealed a small clip of some of the new soundtrack. This footage is from one of our recent development sessions and some more soundtrack teasers!

We are back in the studio again to do more voice tests for the outstanding characters. As of right now, we have ten new characters and about ten new explorable areas with more to come. Most of them are confirmed with the voice actors that we have available but we are still in the process of casting the last few that have proved to be a little difficult. Don't worry we are on top of it!

One of the comments we received on Steam asked what sort of improvements we might be making to the voice acting for Doris Episode 2. For a start, the voice of Doris is staying the same for Episodes 2 and 3 for consistency and we are constantly working on how we select the right takes. Ideally, we would be setting aside at least a few weeks to make sure that the vocals are really tidy in time for the release!

See the photo below for a snap from our latest recording session:

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We learned a lot from releasing Episode 1 and we really appreciate all the feedback that we received. We are confident that this will make Episode 2 even bigger and better.

Also, here is some wicked fan art that we received on twitter! A fan from Japan has gone to the trouble of creating an anime version of Norb the Dragon! How cool is that????

Image by Feb 8

We'll be back soon with another update!

Love the AP team x

Get the game for Mac, PC and Linux here:



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