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The news about what we are currently planning for the game.

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At first happy Christmas for everyone!

We are working hard on the project to make it as good as possible. It will take time to make the game into a pre-alpha, so we are sorry for that. Stay tuned, if you want to know whenever we will release any new videos,images or articles!

At this moment we are focusing on the game play and modelling first. We are making weapons,characters etc. The graphics and textures are the last thing we will be making, as the gameplay is main thing we are focusing at this moment and as there's going to be a lot of things added.

Maybe in January there will be a new video for you guys about the things we have added. Like graphics,models,weapons and features.

Below you can see a list of the features we are planning on adding. It's not the final list. We will be constantly adding more things to the game.

So, enjoy the Christmas and don't forget to comment all your ideas,suggestions and feedback. We'd love to get it, as it helps and motivates us to work on the project!


Different "disasters" will happen in the game. For example, suddenly in some part of the map can happen an earthquake,flooding,fire or something amazing.


From time to time, a package(s) can drop from the sky to the center of the map. They can contain food,water,bandages,heal kits,weapons,ammo or something else. It's randomly decided what does it drop. It also can be a trap, so if someone tries to open it, it will explode. 20% chance of exploding. That will cause players to beware the packages, so it's not 100% free stuff. It will cause to have more dangers than only other players coming to the place and fighting for the packages.


The map will contain a wild animals. There will be few different type of animals: Friendly,defensive,aggressive and crazy animals. Friendly animals will not be doing anything to you, if you won't attack them. They are the best type of animals to get food from. Defensive animals will be defending their own area, so if you will enter it be ready to fight. Aggressive animals are hunters and they like to fight and kill everyone, so if you see them it's best to hide,fight or die. Crazy animals are animals which can change their mood at any time, so they can be friendly while you walk past but then suddenly start to run away or attack you.


The game will contain different type of resources which you can gather. If you need food, then you can try to find it from packages,enemies,camps,animals or collect berries from bushes.


The game is going to have traps, which can be crafted or found from packages. There's going to be different type of traps, which all are unique.For example a spike trap/hole trap in which a player can fall and it will force him to climb up or die if it contains spikes.Electricity trap which will only work near water and will instantly kill you if you are in water when it will be launched but there's a chance that the electricity trap will fail and kill the player who is trying to launch it. Sound string trap so when a player or animal passes and touches the string a ringbell will ring warning players who are nearby about it. "Bear" trap, which will cause you to lose a leg and start bleeding if you will step in it. Most likely it will cause you to die, as without a leg you won't be able to move. The traps are going to be visible, but very stealthy which will make detecting them hard. Players can insert the traps where they want, so watch out!


You will be able to climb on trees,rocks and other stuff. The game is going to have physics, so you can't just keep constantly running in the forest without getting tripped over a wooden plank,rock,hole or something else. So, remember that if you will run like a crazy watch out where you are stepping!


If you will be cut, try to get bandages as fast as possible or you may get infected or bleed to death! If you already lost a lot of blood, try to find more blood from packages otherwise you will die! Remember that if you bleed, the blood on the ground may get aggressive animals after you or will make other players easier to find you! P.S blood packages are very rare.

If you will lose a leg from a trap, friend can bandage your leg with a lot of bandages and get you up but it will make you both slower to move and is not worth it, so just leave everyone who lost his leg to die huehuehue.


You will be able to craft only simple low quality weapons like a wooden bow,arrow,sword. The low quality weapons are going to have less damage and lower stats.The best weapons are always in the packages which can be found in the spawn at the very start of the game or in the packages which are dropped from the sky. But in case you were not able to take any weapons from packages, you can craft some simple weapons and kill someone to loot their corpse and take their weapons and resources! You will also be able to craft traps,camp,tent,storage,torches etc.


There's going to be different type of weapons and they all are unique. From axes to bows. The weapons will break after they have been used for long enough.


There's going to be a day night cycle, so be prepared for a dark night!


You will get cold,hungry,thirst and sleepy so you must be warm,eat,drink and sleep too!

The game is going to have a multi player of a Max. 24 players.

The game modes which are planned at this moment are 2v2,4v4, (team modes)
1v2,1v3,1v4 (YOLO mode)
Free for all
Happy Christmas!

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