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The scary journey will soon begin, but until then Cursed Mansion would love to wish everybody Happy Holidays and a fantastic new year with new wallpapers!

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Rose with a picture and a demoni

Cursed Mansion takes you on a scary journey. You must prepare yourself for malignant spirits whispering lies, while you must escape this eerie, demonic and haunted place. You will uncover the obscured truth of what happened in the mansion... and perhaps relive its painful history that is still very much alive. Danger is lurking in the shadows and every corner of the Cursed Mansion.

Help Rose find clues and key items which could help her solve the puzzles and escape deadly situations. Many ways things can go wrong… Rose’s destiny is in your hands..

Happy Holidays everyone - Enjoy your comfort zone, cause Cursed Mansion can be a deceiving place.

Rose in front of the Cursed Mans

Cursed Mansion will launch
Friday 13th of January 2023 - Wishlist it on Steam now.

Rose must escape the Cursed Mansion - a demonic space that preys and feeds on fear and despair. In this horror RPG you'll solve puzzles and learn the mansion’s history. Mystery, malignant spirits, and misery everywhere. Cursed Mansion brings an eerie atmosphere which leaves one with goosebumps.

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