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Its been 1 year since we've started this project. So heres what we have to celebrate!

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We've been getting things done a lot faster now that we have a sizable team (11 members) Two of our Modelers Garett Buttram (penguinmaster) and Robert Deya (Scifix) have been hard at work on the Construction Yard and the Med. Tank. In addition, one of our sound designers, Bryan Melanson (okayplus) has been working on the sounds for our weapons. In case anyone is wondering, there will be two sets of sounds. Real life sounds (default) and then the actual game sounds (downloadable) Personally, i will be using the game sounds, because it would just complete it all. Here are the pictures of the CY and the Abrams. I would post the sounds, but they arent all finished yet.

Construction Yard WIP
Construction Yard WIP
Abrams Med. Tank

Thank you for your support throughout this year, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Bfranx and the Firestorm Productions Team

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