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We decide to show some content for 4/20 because why not? Enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to media release 2 for Rogue Lambda. We just have some little in-game screenshots and some announcements. We do have a lot of in-game screenshots but the content can change.

hl2 2018 04 20 17 32 03

hl2 2018 04 20 17 44 08

hl2 2018 04 20 17 32 19

hl2 2018 04 20 17 33 27

hl2 2018 04 20 17 33 16 1

Those are most of the screenshots for in-game. We will be adding them to the main page.

Now. Any regards concerning the shooting range level can be answered by this.

That level and those models were for developer testing and dev testing only.

So bear that in mind as we move forward. We recently merged with Crosswire Studios to form Rogue Studios and I needed to up my mapping game due to this releasing through steam direct. We also made a major story change that I'm afraid we cannot disclose. Any content other than these screenshots are completely irrelevant so we will be deleting Alpha content as we are moving into a Beta phase and with a development team of 28, I can say that we might release something soon. (That's playable.)

And now I think is time to announce that we are working 24/7 to code and finish the Stasis Death-match game that is upcoming. It is a Multiplayer title that is releasing with Stasis Source. All I can say is that the code for the Multiplayer Alpha is about 60% completed. This is all we can disclose for now, so I cannot talk anymore about this until next time. In the meantime enjoy this content. This is where I get off.


Happy 4/20!

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