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Just summarizing the feature's I've put into the game so far.

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Welcome to the first update of Halo Rise, I hope you enjoy the work so far and I appreciate any feedback given. Thanks!

Current Features:

  • Health Bar(Decreasing from both sides, not just a simple bar that stretches to one side)
  • Ammo Counter(Images,not numbers)
  • 2 Weapons so far, Magnum and Assault Rifle limited to a 3 Bullet burst
  • 1080p Resolution scaled to 480x240 so it'll look great on smart phones,desktop,laptops,and more devices.
  • Framerate is locked at 60 FPS for those who don't want the game jumping to high and low framerates
  • Fusion Coils,Explosions(not implemented just yet but they look fantastic)
  • Crates(small,heavy and different density)
  • Ammo boxes(sprites will be redone
  • Death(no death sprite just yet but there will be soon, there are death sounds as well but they are buggy and can play twice when needed once)
  • Windows,Android support as of now/ iOS,Mac and Linux are not quite there yet but will be when I can pay for Apple's fee and install Linux on a machine for testing.
  • Sound effects, low health will beep and recharge after when safe, Firing sounds for Assault Rifle and Magnum and Covenant turret(shade firing sound as of now),Metal impact sounds,Footstep sounds, Up to 10 death sounds.
  • Bullet's have a radius to spray in but will not stray to far from the target. I have yet to increase or decrease this but what you see in the demo video is what it is.
  • Maps: I have currently done just a "forge" like map, there is more I am working on though! Stay Tuned!

Anddd that sums up most of what I have done, I got a lot more to improve expect a update 2 soon!

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