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Just a quick release statement with a plan for this upcoming mod

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Halo Covenant Edition is a fun way to see Halo from behind the scenes and explore. It's original plan was to be an Xbox exclusive, and be a full multiplayer map pack supplemented by a full campaign. After popular demand, a version was released for PC via Custom Edition.

But this isn't going to stop there. The first incarnation of Covenant Edition was made as I was learning Halo's scripting language. As of now I have a much better understanding of Halo and how to build a mod, not to mention I have been producing my own Biped and Model Animation tags now to enable Jackals to become a playable character, which can use all guns, their shield, and drive Warthogs and Ghosts as well. Covenant allies like Elites and Grunts can also board the Warthog gunner with you as a driver, and levels offer you the opportunity to be transported in the Covenant's Shadow Dropship.

The original was meant to run on a 64MB Xbox system, and with that in mind, the original was cut short in many aspects, and remains largely untested and more in a beta-state or as a proof-of-concept for this upcoming Jackal Campaign. Considering that my Jackal Campaign is now prioritizing a PC release through Custom Edition [and hopefully one day Steam and the MCC], the mod will take full advantage of Halo's engine, including full voice-animated cutscenes and a real objective and narration system.

The story was originally going to be roughly similar to the original: 10 maps which progress logically in order. This time, I'm doing something different. The game will require use of the map_name command because now levels will offer possible alternate endings which produce a hanging end-screen with a command code to load the next map in sequence. Therefore, a 10-map story becomes more like a 20 or 30-pack with 2 or maybe 3 parallel stories along with it, playing from between different factions from within the Covenant of your "free choice." If an alternate ending condition is not met, the correct ending condition will still load the next map correctly.

Theoretically, this new story system could take advantage of either a Karma-based dynamic story, or even dynamic infection from facing the Flood.

With all this in mind, this mod may take a year or more to develop - assuming I can still have this kind of time. So in the mean-time, people can get the Jackal experience now as I will work on a demo that will introduce the game and release my custom tags and scripts which, if I made them, are free for everyone to use. This includes tags such as elite, grunt, or jackal.model_animations, healthpack, and any Easter Egg guns such as the Gold magnum or Shark AR.

My knowledge of models has expanded also. Maybe in the future I will do fully custom playable characters and OCs, and new commissioned BSPs to make the story a fresh experience.

On a side note, my Starfox: Survival mod for Nintendo 64 will be released soon, which should be playable on original hardware. That's right, a brand new incarnation of Fox McCloud will hit Nintendo 64 this year, using the Zelda: Ocarina of Time engine. Compliments of Kaze Emanuar who took my commission through Patreon.

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Just wanted to add one more thing, the Jackal's first person textures are mine, meaning they are free to use and share.

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