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Hey this is an update on the halo factions.... its completeish...

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Hey firstly id like to say.... (deep breath) THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS...

Thanks for 300,000 Views

Just like 2 say thanks to those watching, and as ome final prize ive started a SFAW Facebook page ( ), and if i get 1000 likes ill do another internal release for u guys (unfinished to the level i want it at but a thanks none the less)... but other than that next release will be when i get BSG (working on now), Starship Troopers and Star Trek in and balanced. Babylon 5 and Wing Commander have models in, but thats about it, its still going 2 take some time 2 get those 2 in, so they wont be in the next internal, and as i go ill keep u guys in the loop.

Now im over the 300,000 thing :p

Anyway time for the halo complete faction news... I just want 2 mention that there are some models that are still WIP, and are NOT inlcuded in this list, its the only list so far that isn't finalised even though its finished.

Anyway, we have
Set 1 - class - Ability
Banshee - Light Fighter - hunt
Banshee - Carrier Fighter - attract
Longsword - Heavy Fighter - hunt
Flood Serpah - Heavy Fighter - hunt (only in supergate)
Shortsword - Light bomber - bombing run
Serpah - Heavy bomber - bombing run

Set 2 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Phantom - Tier 1 - none - turbo
Frigate - tier 2 - longsword x1 - turbo
Andraste - tier 3 - longsword x1 - Heal local units (auto), turbo

Set 3 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Aspire - tier 4 - longsword x2 - turbo
Flood frigate - tier 4 - flood seraph x1 - infest (only in supergate)
Covenant Battle Frigate - tier 5 - banshee x3 - Power to Sheilds
Python - Tier 6 - Longsword x2 - concentrate firepower

Set 4 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Matathon - Tier 7 - Longsword x Shortsword x2 - concentrate firepower
CCS-class Battlecruiser -Tier 8 - Banshee x3 Seraph x1 - power to sheilds
Flood CCS - Tier 8 - Flood Seraph x4 - infest (only in supergate)
Pheonix - Tier 9 - Longsword x6 Shortsword x2 - concentrate firepower

Set 5 - Tier - Spawns - Ability
CCS-class Carrier - Tier 10 - Banshee x15 Seraph x5 - power to sheilds
Covenant Assault Carrier - Tier 11 - Seraph x5 Banshee x5 - power to sheilds
Forerunner Dreadnought - Tier 12 - none - power to weapons

Heroes - Tier - Spawns - Ability
Noble Sabre - Hero 1 - NA - Invunerable
Arbiter Seraph - Hero 2 - NA - rocket attack
Forward Unto Dawn - Hero 3 - lonswrod x2 - turbo, power to weapons
Brute Battle Frigate - Hero 4 - Banshee x2- defend, power to weapons
Pillar of Autumn - Hero 5 - Longsword x4 - concentrate firepower, power to weapons
Spirit of Fire - Hero 6 - Longsword x5 - concentrate firepower, power to waepons
Prophit Assault carrier - Hero 7 - Banshee x8 Seraph x6 - power to weapons, power to sheilds

The Starbase is still the orbital MAC platfrom, and it still DOES NOT fire a mac round, thatd be to unbalanced. The research station is a UNSC shipyard. The orbital defense satellites are the ones i just posted, more details below.

Anyway the tech tree...
The UNSC upgrades for armor, sublight, damage control and weapons
Colonise Skopje - Unlocks Adriadic, Forward Unto Dawn + Colonise Arcadia
Colonise Arcadia - Unlocks Aspire + Colonise Hervest
Colonise Hervest - Unlocks Python + Reyes McLees Shipyards
Reyes McLees Shipyards - Unlocks Marathon, Pillar of Autumn + Colonise Reach
Colonise Reach - Unlocks Pheonix, Spirit of Fire
Sanghelios Accord - Unlocks Banshee, Seraph, Phantom, Arbiter + all covenant shield, armor, weapon, and sublight upgrades
Capture Joyous Exultation - Unlocks Battle Frigate, Brute Cheiftan + Catpure K9 49
Capture K7 49 - Unlocks Battle Cruiser, Battle Carrier + Capture High Charity
Capture High Charity - Unlocks Assault Carrier, Profit in Assault Carrier
Forerruner Artifacts - Unlocks Forerunner History
Forerunner History - Unlocks Shield World Docks
Shield World Docks - Unlocks Forerunner Keyship + Forerunner Consoles
ForerunnervConsoles - Upgrades forerunner ship to 150% original stats

That about sums that up
Now for more details on the Orbital satellites.
Class - In-mod Name - In-mod Details

Anti-fighter - "UNSC Valkyrie Class Orbital Defense Turret" -
"Codenamed "Valkyrie", the top secret turret was designed by Dr Marcus, the lead scientist of the ONI SECTION-III Defense Network team. The Valkyrie is armed with 5 rapid fire autocannons, it is capable of targeting and destroying fighter and bombers from a long range. The turrets are normally deployed around critical orbital assets to prevent landing parties and strike teams from attacking. "

Anti-Capital - "Forerunner Anti-Flood Defense Turret " -
"Designed by the Forerunners in an attempt to prevent the spread of the flood. They were build to destroy infested ships of all sizes. They were also used to quarantine planets to prevent the spread of the parasite. A large number of them were discovered in storage a Instalation 00 "

Sheild - "Covenant Orbtial Sheild Platform" -
"With technology "borrowed" from the Forerunners, the Covenant designed this orbital defense shield satelite. It is primarily used in orbit around sensative locations that do not warrent a full fleet presence. It also allows for large numbers of fighters and dropships to be stationed in orbit incase of incursion by the UNSC "

So there u have it
All Halo ships checked and accounted for, ill put up images for them after this goes up... takes ages i know, it anoys me as well...

Also, all those who like good scifi series, and can only see them dieing atm, please like this on facebook, i have


p*a*t*t*o*n - - 690 comments

Looks really good, am looking forward to it.
Just a curiosity though, why not let the Station fire a MAC round? The ZC station could in vanilla FoC, so coding it in as a SW could be possible, and it would be a nice late-game upgrade for the HALO faction, especially since they (humans) don't have shields.

In fact, later it might be a good idea to add "super" weapons to all sides in the mod. I'm sure every Sci-Fi universe has some kind of uber weapon that can be used. Maybe this could be something to add for the next release after this one.

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

im not sure, ive got a lot on the plate atm, ill consider it later, but atm its a no

Reply Good karma+1 vote
davo001 - - 1,414 comments

why is the covey upgrade called Behemecoatyl Alliance. thats sst isnt it?

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Spinobreaker Author
Spinobreaker - - 5,875 comments

yeh thats a my bad, i forgot that its called something else in game, ill fix that now, thanks

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wildburst - - 48 comments

cant wait til this comes out, good work so far!

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fenix02 - - 319 comments

man tht frigate was fragile!

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