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For a Halloween special, today we will focus on the scary supernatural creatures you might be encountering in the game including some background on them.

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Happy Halloween and welcome to Update #5. Some announcements first before we proceed to the main part of our update for today.

  1. Things have been slow and we would like to request everybody to help and spread the word more. We still have a long way to go though I'm confident that together, we can reach our goal. So please, spread the word, most especially in RPG or PC forums.
  2. We are currently updating our main video. The plan is we will create a much shorter video and then keep the full length video on the description page. This will hopefully result in more video completions and more pledges. For those who still wants to see the whole thing, it will still be available.
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Now on to our main feature! To keep in the spirit of the occasion, today we will focus on the scary supernatural creatures you might be encountering in the game including some background on them.



With the "Rupture" happening, many creatures were dragged from where they were into our plane of existence. This was most especially so for many demons, devils and even angels. Now with the gates open, other supernatural creatures started pouring into our dimension through the hellgates / hellzones or some were even powerful enough to cross over on their own power because the barriers between worlds were now thin. In addition to creatures crossing over, mystical energies of dark and demonic nature have also started changing and corrupting anything alive.


Angels of Earth / The Earthly Hosts / The Exiled Ones - Most of the Angels you might encounter are the soldiers but there are a few of higher status such as the Cherubim, Seraphim and the Archangels.

The Earthly Hosts

Before the Rupture, they were considered supernatural spirits who would only manifest temporary physical bodies when needed. Now, those who were brought to our plane were turned Mortal. They still possessed majority of their abilities, tougher, can heal faster and now could be killed however. What’s worse was that Angels are spirits or souls, this meant that when they turned mortal, their physical bodies were their souls. This meant death without the chance of an afterlife.

The Gray Wings – these were mortal Angels who were of the Earthly Hosts but this new reality had made many of them change their perception on how to do things. It made them go off into the world to experience what it was to be mortal. They still however continue their charge, which was to combat supernatural evil. They believed that they could still fulfill their duties but still enjoy the pleasures of being “human”. Many of today’s Nephilim were offspring of these Gray Wings.
Gray Wings

The Black Wings – these were mortal angels that have totally gone over to the “dark side”. Since they became evil as mortals, they did not become Devils. Think of them as the most evil humans you can think, and give them angelic powers. They were even more dangerous than the Devils because they refuse to play by the “Rules of War” between Heaven and Hell.


They are basically Fallen Angels. These were the ones who originally rebelled against God with former Archangel Lucifer Morningstar. When they were cast out, their bodies warped to their current state. However, they did not lose their powers, it simply changed and started drawing from a darker source. Like other Angels, they also have ranks, which normally represented their stature and power among the denizens of Hell. Like all those that were brought here by the rupture, they were now mortal as well. In the game, The Fallen are a major faction that the group may encounter and interact with if they please to do so.


Demons were unclean and malevolent spirits who hated most living things. Normally they would spread their evil indirectly through influence, possession and only rarely cross over through special circumstances like being summoned or conjured. Now, they too were mortal, making them even more dangerous because they could now physically sow their evil on the world. In the game, there are many kinds of demons, from the least powerful ones to demon lords like Orcus, Pazzuzu or Lilith. Though initially under the rule of The Fallen, their rise in power and number has made them a faction on to themselves.

Pit Demon

Bone Demon


Vampires were cursed to require blood to survive. Blood was their strength and their weakness. These vampires possessed many of the traditional strengths and weaknesses. They are a very organized group. Even though there was no more need to hide their nature, they still followed protocols that they had for centuries that involved secrecy, manipulation and seduction. They are an active Faction in the game.

The Ferals / Wild Vampires - these are a sub-class of the Bloodcursed. They are those that have totally lost their humanity and control. It is said these are vampires who have fed on demons or corrupted by demon blood.
Feral Vampire

Manananggals - these sub-class of vampires were somewhat similar to Dhampirs. During the day, they could function as normal human beings. At night, their body splits into 2 at the waist. The lower half is left behind and the upper half gains wings and other vampiric powers.


Werewolves were cursed by their connection to the moon. They were blessed with the abilities of the wolf spirit but were cursed to be connected to the moon's madness. During the full moon, the average werewolf loses control and goes on a berserker frenzy. They are also a major faction in game.

Rabids / Wild Werewolves - these are werewolves who do not come back from the moon madness or were corrupted by demonic energies.

Rabid Werewolves


This group of creatures represent those that have been dead and have come back to life because of mystical energies.

Zombies - these are humans or human hybirds that have been corrupted by a demon disease which animates dead corpses. Their level of decomposition determines their strength and speed.

Z-angels ('pronounced Zeyn-jels') - these were mortal angels that have been corrupted by the zombie taint. They seem to be an anomaly is still hard to explain and even harder to kill.

Zombie Angel

Lungers - these corrupted zombies are very fast and normally moved on all 4 limbs close to the ground. They were called Lungers because of their penchance for "leaping" and lunging onto their prey.

Bloaters - these were zombies corrupted by Bloat Demons, turning them into weaker versions of themselves. Bloaters are large zombies with acidic and poisonous puss all over their bodies.

Spewers - these are zombies whose chest cavities burst open to "spew" or spit out acidic mucous as a ranged weapon.


These class of supernatural creatures includes ghosts, wraiths, spectres and other immaterial spirits.


These were creatures closer to demonic animals more than anything. This includes creatures like Hellhounds, Nightmares, Nightmare Tikbalangs, and others.
Nightmare Tikbalangs


This refers to all manner of creatures that have been tainted and transformed by demonic energies. Almost anybody and anything can be tainted as long as it had mortal life.

Aside from these mentioned, there are many other creatures that you may discover and encounter but we'll keep the rest secret for now. Also take note that some of these creatures are factions themselves. Aligning with or going against any of them will have rewards and repercussions.

Hope you liked our exposition on the basics of supernatural creatures in the world of Graywalkers Purgatory.

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