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Halloween Mod updated to version 6.4.0. Enjoy the new version!

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Halloween Mod updated to 6.4.0

Additions and improvements:

  • Added Skeletons Horde spell
  • Added Intangibility spell
  • Added objective marks
  • Added player highlight
  • Added Magic Wheel of Fate spell
  • Added a random bonus drop from the bucket when scoring points
  • Players now always drop pumpkin in collector gamemode
  • Removed Fortune Wheel of Fate spell
  • Reduced Monoculus rocket damage
  • Increased Monoculus NPC hit range
  • Increased crit pumpkin effect duration
  • Increased Skeleton NPC damage
  • Increased Spooky Pumpkin NPC health
  • Increased Spooky Pumpkin NPC speed
  • Reduced Ghost NPC speed
  • Rare spells appear less frequently now
  • Improved HHH NPC AI
  • Improved Monoculus NPC AI
  • Improved Skeleton NPC AI
  • Improved collector gamemode win conditions
  • Added glow for Monoculus NPC
  • Increased light level for default gamemode
  • Added Ukrainian translation
  • Added player preview when choosing cosmetics
  • Force equipment change is now available on all spawn points
  • Players can no longer cast spells during freezetime and with the FL_FROZEN flag
  • Reduced Monoculus HP
  • Added Monoculus levels
  • Power Up spell now heals
  • Reworked lightning spell
  • Increased fireball speed
  • Increased blinkball speed
  • Event points are no longer created at enemy spawn
  • Added spell groups (common, rare)
  • Spellbook now indicates a spell group with different particles
  • Improved NPC targeting and navigation
  • Added spell flags to the spells api
  • Added event points API
  • Added Gifts API
  • Improved magic glow particle
  • Power Up spell optimization
  • Player burn api optimization
  • Many performance optimizations
  • Round logic moved to the separate API


  • Added hwn_objective_marks cvar
  • Added hwn_player_highlight cvar
  • Added hwn_player_highlight_primary_brightness cvar
  • Added hwn_player_highlight_secondary_brightness cvar
  • Added hwn_spellbook_rare_chance cvar
  • Added hwn_bucket_bonus_chance cvar
  • Added hwn_pcosmetic_menu_preview cvar
  • Added hwn_pcosmetic_menu_preview_light cvar
  • Added hwn_spellbook_max_rare_spell_count cvar


  • Fixed errors related to the blink spellball
  • Fixed Power Up spell jump behavior
  • Fixed jump animation for Power Up spell
  • Fixed bug when monoculus can shoot while in stun
  • Fixed crit sound volume
  • Fixed invisibility spell fade effect
  • Fixed gift spawn task
  • Fixed temp entities with ignoreRounds flag behavior
  • Fixed bots cosmetics

Source code and Documentation:

Steam Group:

Download Mod:

Halloween Mod 6.4.0

Download SDK:

Halloween Mod 6.2.0 SDK

zastels - - 25 comments

Very excited, I told to consider it!

Hopefully at a minimum I can get this going with POD bots!

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Hedgehog_Fog Author
Hedgehog_Fog - - 15 comments


You can play the mod on my multimod server:

Use /nom command to nominate mod for a vote and rtv to change mod

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