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Halloween Mod updated to version 6.1.0. Enjoy the new version!

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Happy Halloween! Mod updated to 6.1.0

Additions and improvements:

  • Added Wheel of Fate (random spell effects)
  • Added crits
  • Added crits spell
  • Added a flash effect when picking up a pumpkin
  • Added a flash effect while putting pumpkin into bucket
  • Added Power Up spell
  • Added Boss PVE
  • Added showing of equipment menu when player respawning the first time
  • Invisibility no longer invokes for nearby teammates
  • Bosses will now kill the player when intersect while respawning
  • Spellballs are now cast from view position
  • Improved small skeletons spawning
  • A new gift now appears only after picking up or disappear the old one
  • NPCs can now walk up stairs
  • Improved spells effects
  • Improved HUD
  • Money and Timer HUD in collector gamemode now hidden by default
  • Added Hungarian translation (by regener)
  • Renamed hwn_spawn_boss command to hwn_boss_spawn
  • Reduced the fire rate boost for the powerup spell
  • Added cvar to specify the number of spells on spawn
  • New config loader implementation
  • Increased flying range of blink spell ball
  • Added Portuguese translation (by artYY)


  • Added hwn_spellbook_max_spell_count cvar
  • Added hwn_bucket_collect_flash cvar
  • Added hwn_pumpkin_pickup_flash cvar
  • Added hwn_wof_effect_time cvar
  • Added hwn_collector_wof cvar
  • Added hwn_collector_wof_delay cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_damage_multiplier cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_random cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_random_chance_initial cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_random_chance_max cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_random_chance_bonus cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_random_chance_penalty cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_effect_trace cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_effect_splash cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_effect_flash cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_effect_status_icon cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_sound_use cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_sound_hit cvar
  • Added hwn_crits_sound_shoot cvar
  • Added hwn_hud_collector_hide_money cvar
  • Added hwn_hud_collector_hide_time cvar
  • Added hwn_boss_pve cvar
  • Added hwn_boss_spawn command
  • Added hwn_wof_roll command
  • Added hwn_wof_abort command
  • Added hwn_spells_give command
  • Added hwn_crits_toggle command
  • Removed hwn_gamemode_spell_on_spawn cvar
  • Added hwn_gamemode_spells_on_spawn cvar


  • Fixed boss healthbar display
  • Fixed blink spell teleportation
  • Fixed ru lang
  • Fixed small skeletons getting stuck
  • Fixed small skeleton hitbox
  • Fixed respawn on join
  • Fixed powerup spell effect duration
  • Fixed spellball light

Source code and Documentation:

Steam Group:

Download Mod:

Halloween Mod 6.1.0

Download SDK:

Halloween Mod 6.1.0 SDK


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