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We’re capping off Spooky Season over at the Pineapple Under the Sea with the sequel to 2020’s Trick and Tear with 18 maps of creeptacular proportions! Take on a custom bestiary of ghoulish monsters, as well as some old favorites, with your boomstick (and a few rockets), and keep them from stealing all of your candy…or your soul. Whichever is more important to you.

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Our 18 map Halloween set for Doom II has been released! This is the full version of 'Trick and Tear 2', out since June and now up on moddb! After a long testing and bugfixing process it's finally out and ready for your horror pleasure. 793973332742504488

Port: UDMF Compatible - Tested in GZDoom
IWAD: DOOM2 - Map01-18, Map30


Following up our 53-map Anniversary party, we’re breaking into the second year of Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmapping with a haunting sequel to 2020’s Halloween event, Trick and Tear! We’re ready to load up the sacks of all the naughty ghouls knocking at our door with some nasty little goodies. The Treat? Your friendly neighborhood Spider Bear gets to take the reins of the Headless Horseman’s steed and go hunting for some heads. Grab your boomstick and some shells and get ready for that knock on your door. The dead are coming!

IcarusLIVES playing through the map set:

Map List:
1. Dismal Dawn – Soulless
2. Halls of the Darned – Nottyrone
3. Silence in the Library – DynamiteKaitorn
4. Hemophilia – Awall
5. Run and Hide: Reviled – Mememind
6. Silent Doom – Myolden
7. Check Engine Light – Nottyrone
8. Baron Central Station – Doomcat, Son of Death Bear
9. The Demon Train – LateNightPerson
10. Underground Cult Disturbance – fuGue_tv
11. Chapel Perilous – Sobatchja Morda
12. A Choir of Churlish Charlatans – BluePineapple72
13. Nightmare in Sandy’s City – Death Bear
14. Sanity’s Return – WeirdSandwich
15. Feed – Death Bear
16. Unhallowed Conclave – Peccatum Mihzamiz
17. At Midnight’s Hour, Unwillingly – Peccatum Mihzamiz
18. The Weaver’s Dream - Peccatum Mihzamiz
30. The Final Trick (Credits) – Death Bear

Be sure to have a look at this year's Halloween project featuring wave-based zombie combat. The first playable version of it will be out in a few days.

Screenshot Doom 20211025 135727






How to play:

This project was the 12th edition by 'Pineapple Under the Sea Studios' and was lead by Death Bear.

More information:

Our current project and links to all of our past projects:

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that "silent hill" level was great. i wish more doom modders would make those.

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