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Four days are behind us, four more to go in our 8-day update marathon! Here's a recap of what's been going on so far.

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Hey there,

three days ago we've launched our Super Starg8 Holidays, releasing new media every day since then. Today is day 4 and we still have four more days to go.

So far, on day 1 we've shown you what progress we have made with Fallencity1, one of our city maps. Props have been added, dust (it's the desert..) and lots of detail.
Then on day 2 we have announced Fallencity2 which is still early in development. Nevertheless we have posted six screenshots for you to check out.
Next was something different, a model. A so-called Zero-Point-Module or ZPM for short. You can think of it as this super powerful battery. It can be used to power awesome super-weapons, giant force shields or add that extra bit of juice to the Stargate so you can dial other galaxies.

Now today it's time for us to announce yet another new multiplayer level. You may remember our forest map Pond. It's a rather small map suitable for deathmatch 1on1s, 2on2s or last man standing with about 5 people, but it gets pretty intense fast. So we've made an XL version of it rightfully named PondXL. Click on the image on the right to go straight to todays update and get six screenshots of this new map.

Alright that's it for now, but as you know we'll be back tomorrow so keep watching our website!

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Wow, looks very pretty. Inspiration taken from Kashyyk? :)

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Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

Those are some pretty awesome maps.

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fd79savlcfa - - 4 comments

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