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First update, future features and that stuff. pls read

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HL: D Mod DB page just launched. In this article, we will resume the next changes, features, and more information.

1. The story will be re-writen

First of all, most of the people that are reading this know that one post in LambdaGen tells a base story for ours characters journey: Otis. The story has been re-writen, but it hasnt stop. This is the story by far:

0. Tutorial
Just a small tutorial, copy of hazard course, of course. Otis fails at the end
1. Black Mesa sucks
Otis on the Black Mesa Transit System. After the looooong travel ends, he goes to the security room for his uniform and his gun and that stuff. Later, he wants to eat a donut, but he cants until he drinks some coffe, so he goes for coffe, but he spills out on the 4,000$ Breen´s suit. He gets fired, of course, so he goes back to the security room to pack up his stuff.
2. Resonance
When he enters the room, the resonance cascade happens, so he escapes trough the vents and reaches a service room. He witnesses the death of various scientist, guards, and that, but he only wants something to eat, so he looks for a vending machine.
3. A. Shepard
He enters to the Black Mesa Transit System, looking for all over the places for a vending machine, and he finds one. But he doesnt got a quarter. Shepard shows up and tells him that he will give him a quarter if he helps him to reach the security room, so Otis helps and gets the quarter.
4. The Thief
A Black Ops is hungry, so he knocks out Otis and steal his quarter. When Otis wakes up, he quickly finds out what happened, and chases the black ops trough the facility. He ends up killing it, and getting back its quarter, but a portal storm happens and he gets teleported to Xen.
5. Border Worlds
A Vortigaunt steals his quarter, and he travels around Xen, looking for the Vortigaunt. He ends up killing a Gargantua that wanted to kill him, and he gets his quarter back. He enters to a portal because it smelled like a vending machine.
6. Militar Forces
Otis gets back to Black Mesa, but the next vending machine is at the other side of the building, so he has to fight with H.E.C.U. and Black Ops to reach the vending machine, only to find out that the H.E.C.U. parked their tank above the vending machine, destroying it. He gets really angry and he blows up the building.
7. Breen
Otis rans out with Breen, he promises to get him something to eat if he helps him to escape the Black Ops.
8. Ambush
Breen sets a trap for Otis, because of the coffee accident, but Otis survives. Breen escapes.
9. Donuts
Otis is really hungry, and he reaches Black Mesa West. Dr. Coomer promises him a box of donuts at the end if he:
- Collects gasoline for a helicopter
- Protects the scientist while they arrive
Otis manages to protect them all and succesfully escape. The game ends witha sequence of Otis eating the box of donuts

2. Mapping goes on

As we previously announced, most of the mod wil be only maps. Imagine something like Blue Shift, by example. Some maps aren´t that good, but we are triying to make them with more quality and effort. We would like to remember that this mod is our first step into the HL modding art.

3. Beta content will be recicled for this mod

Some content like deleted enemeies, maps, and weapons will be added. We will post in discord polls for selecting content for the mod. The link to our Discord server can be found in our LambdaGen account.

Mann Co Devs Team:

Us25 - Mapping, programming

Jamie - Mapping, marketing, art

Random_idiot - Original idea, ideas for the game and mapping, writer


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