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2.1.2 introduces a variety of bugfixes and balancing changes, and adds hlw_washedaway to the Overrun game mode.

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Here we are with another Half-Life 2: Wars beta update! This update mostly addresses a number of bugs and balancing issues, but also adds hlw_washedaway to the Overrun game mode. Washed Away is our newest map, added in 2.1.0, and you can see a few screenshots below:

Image Image

See the full changelog at the end of this post for more details on Beta 2.1.2. Click the button below to update Half-Life 2: Wars via Desura. Alternatively, you can download the full HL2: Wars Beta 2.1.2 beta files from Moddb in 7z archive format (extract to your Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods directory).

If you are having trouble downloading from Desura or Moddb use our mirror instead: click here to download 2.1.2. Let us know on our community forum if you are willing to help us out and host a mirror for our releases!


Wars 2.1.2 changes
Balance and Gameplay:

* Slightly increased time for building a rebel barricade (from 5 to 8 seconds)
* Decreased time for constructing a rebel/combine Mountable turret (from 25 to 15 seconds)
* Lowered cost of constructing Mountable turret from 5 to 4 requisition
* Increased heal rate of rebel aid station from 4 to 6 per second
* Increased damage grenade from 200 to 320
* Increased damage hopper mine from 200 to 350
* Increased detonation range hopper mine from 100 to 150
* Increased damage Zombine grenade from 200 to 250

* Zombie Wave Type: Decreased income grow rate to 1% after wave 10 and 0% after wave 20 (instead of 15%)
* Antlion Wave Type: Decreased income grow rate to 10% after wave 10 and 0% after wave 20 (instead of 15%)
* Added Rebel Flamer to Overrun Rebels faction

* NEW: or_washedaway (Overrun version)
* UPDATED: hlw_washedaway

* Holding down the queue key (default shift) will now automatically recast the ability for target type abilities (e.g. place mulitple billets more easily)
* Releasing the hotkey or queue key after automatically being recast will now stop the ability (target type abilities)
* Better spawning locations for random bonus crates
* Building rallypoints can now be set to units
* Removed default building rallypoint locations; units will just spawn next to the building now, unless the player changes the rallypoint

* Added command "select_all_army", which selects all units of the player (can be bound in the keyboard options menu)
* Replaced scoreboard by new (html based) player status board, which appears at the top right corner (can be bound in the keyboard options menu)

* Text might appear untranslated (e.g. chat text looks broken)
* Rebel HQ is at the start of the game in the preconstructed state animation when playing in a multiplayer game where the player is not the host
* Bonus crates are too frequently dropped at unreachable places
* Engineers/Stalkers incorrectly first placing further queued "place building" orders, while they should first construct the first placed buildings
* Attack Move (and several other abilities) does not function correctly when activated through the minimap
* Rebel Engineers are sometimes stuck at the Headquarters building when returning Salvage
* Incorrect cached length between connection of navigation areas after a split edit, performed by buildings. This causes problems with the path finding of units (choosing longer routes for example)
* Potential crash when unit is at the border of the fog of war grid

Game Lobby Fixes:
* Player avatars not shown
* Spectators not being shown in spectator list
* Fonts in gamelobby might look incorrect
* Text appearing in color combobox after making a color choice
* Game launch canceled when a player didn't picked a start spot yet (due the lobby automatically assigning a start position)

* Added entity wars_cpu_player, which allows enabling/disabling a CPU Player (Hammer/SP)
* Added entity wars_player_relation, which allows changing the relations between players (Hammer/SP)
* Added entity wars_mission_objective, which allows displaying objectives (Hammer/SP)
* Added entity wars_win_condition, which allows ending the game and either displaying victory or defeat (Hammer/SP)


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