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The latest update improves Overrun mode and introduces some balancing changes and bugfixes to the HL2:Wars beta.

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Here we are with another update to Half-Life 2: Wars! The process of small, frequent updates has been working well for us and this latest patch introduces some balance changes, important bug fixes and improves the Overrun game mode by upping the number of enemies and adding some new foes (fast and poison headcrabs and headcrab mortar canisters). Take a look and let us know what you think! We have a lot of interesting stuff in the works that you will begin to hear about in coming weeks.

Many of you have suggested that we apply for Steam Greenlight, and we hear you! We have plans to submit to Greenlight once we pass some internal milestones and get our stuff in order, so it will be a while - but it's definitely something we're moving towards. More on that front later.

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As usual, we recommend updating the mod via Desura by clicking below. Alternatively, you can download the full HL2: Wars Beta 2.0.4 beta files in 7z archive format (extract to your Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods directory).



* Manhacks can no longer capture control points
* Decreased cost rebel shotgun from "5 requisition + 1 scrap" to "2 scrap"
* Decreased cost rebel ar2 from "5 requisition + 1 scrap" to "2 scrap"
* Decreased cost combine shotgun from "2 requisition" to "1 requisition + 2 power"
* Decreased cost combine ar2 from "3 requisition" to "2 requisition + 2 power"

* Added option to spawn enemies at wavepoints more nearby the player, on the condition the spawn points are not hidden in the fog of war
* Added fast and poision headcrabs to zombie wave type
* Increased maximum number of enemies alive from 75 to 120
* Various changes in wave type settings
* Zombie mode now randomly fires headcrab cannisters around the players

* or_trapped: removed brush based buildings, now uses the regular buildings
* or_city: removed brush based buildings, now uses the regular buildings
* or_hill: added wave spawn points more nearby the player bases

CPU Player:
* No longer places power generators directly next to other power generators

* Increased jump/attack range of headcrabs

* Fast headcrab
* Black headcrab
* Leap attack to Fast Zombie
* Leap attack to Antlion

* Incorrect PVS used, results in units not being displayed sometimes (in particular on or_trapped)
* Broken nuke ability (sandbox)
* Broken launch headcrab cannister ability (sandbox)
* HUD displaying firerate with 2 decimal precision, instead of 1
* Disabled some unit navigation code which was causing problems around certain terrain type

* Added back shader model 2.0b shaders (caused a crash at loading a map for some users)
* Added moddefaults.txt from CSGO, which contain better and more up to date default settings


Spent hours installing HL2, Ep1, Ep2, all of the Source SDK stuff and Alien Swarm. My PC is ready.

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You only need Alien Swarm installed.

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i like how theres no comment after that one.

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That's exactly what I was thinking.

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I downloaded and instaled the mod. But when I try to launch it, it makes me have to install Alien Swarm...

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Can't run it. Just says that the game in unavailible, any help? Or is Steam just a peiceo f sh!t

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Steam problem, see:

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