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Beta 2.0.3 of HL2: Wars features a slew of balancing changes, minor improvements and bugfixes.

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That's right folks - Beta 2.0.3 of Half-Life 2: Wars is here! This update focuses mainly on a slew of gameplay balancing changes and bugfixes. We are settling comfortably into a more regular development and release cycle and beginning to focus heavily on balancing, playtesting and improving the interface now that all of the core gameplay elements have been implemented. If you have been enjoying our releases, show some support by giving us feedback - whether it's reporting bugs, giving your opinion on gameplay, or suggesting specific balance changes, all feedback is read and appreciated and will be taken into account in our balancing discussions!

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As usual, we recommend that you update the mod automatically via Desura by clicking below, but there is also a full archive of 2.0.3 available for download on ModDB (extract the 7z into your steam/steamapps/sourcemods directory) for those of you who don't want to use Desura.


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* Lowered accuracy Rebel Partisan (changed DPS from 10 to 5)
* Decreased accuracy bonus Rebel Partisan from the passive ability Revolutionary Fervor
* Increased damage shotgun from 8 to 32, resulting in a DPS of 40
* Slightly decreased range of strider minigun from 1024 to 950
* Rebels Mountable Turret now requires the Rebels Barracks instead of Rebels HQ
* Weapon range is now limited to unit attack range, instead of using the max trace distance
* Increased capture time control points from 24 to 30 seconds
* Added "bullet" attribute to turrets (bonus damage of 3 against "light" units)
* Removed requirement for first researching Shotgun and AR2 unlock before you can switch weapons with the Elite and Veteran units
* Added "Grenade" ability to Rebel Veteran unit
* Increased DPS zombie from 5.7 to 42
* Increased health zombie from 150 to 220
* Increased DPS fast zombie from 6 to 50
* Increased bonus damage slash attribute from 3 to 30
* Added recharge time of 15 seconds for deploying a hopper mine
* Added recharge time of 25 seconds for deploying a floor turret
* Reduced speed at which builders can repair buildings (now fixed at 10 hp per second per builder)

CPU Player:
* Reduced number of scouts produced
* Reduced number of initial builders produced

* Updated or_hill (fixed various displacements)

* Mount turret ability to Combine Metro Police
* Antlion Suicider to Overrun Antlions wave type

* Combine Elite energy ball ability no longer bounces against your own units (no collision)
* Turrets now display their damage statistics in the hud when you select a single turret
* Increased turrets firerate and lowered damage (DPS stays the same)
* Damage displayed in hud is now adjusted to unit accuracy (shown when selecting a single unit)
* AR2 tracer effect is now blue instead of orange
* Descriptions of various units and abilities

Unit Navigation:
* Improved detection of units being stuck
* Units will no longer try to move into an area without a navigation area beneath them (no longer jump off cliffs when it is not a valid route)
* Stricter check for navigation area slope (sometimes units were selecting areas which were too steep, resulting in them gliding down)

* Entities/units incorrectly shown when being spectator
* CPU Player not constructing buildings on some maps
* Fast zombies falling through ground when climbing walls (or_hill)
* Outlands map overview material missing a border
* Unit not shooting the enemy in hold position when the unit already has an existing enemy
* Hud showing text cut off when having a single unit selected
* Game now displays an error if you try to launch with GPU that does not (seem) to support Shader Model 3.0 or higher
* Camera height not clamped to map boundary limits when playing offline
* No description for AR2 Unlock ability and incorrect description for Shotgun unlock ability
* Removed duplicate tracer effect sniper rifle.
* Engineers not following the shortest path when collecting scrap
* Selected (enemy) units hidden in the fog of war are now deselected automatically
* Mouse no longer detects entities in the fog of war which are supposed to be hidden/not shown

* "Call Vote" button in main menu now brings up the "Return to gamelobby" vote dialog
* Removed unused "#asw_button..." button from the "play offline" main menu
* Gamelobby music is now limited to "Atmospheric Disturbances"
* You can now select the position of CPU players in the gamelobby as game master
* Rebel Shotgun + AR2 is no longer hidden in the unit panel.
* Added delay between playing the select unit sound


Why isn't this greenlighted yet on steam?

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Ennui Author

We have plans to submit the mod to Greenlight a little bit down the road. We need to tidy up some things first and get ourselves situated so that we can ensure our Greenlight bid is as polished as possible! Definitely something to look for in 2013 though :)

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Definitely needs to appear on Greenlight.

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