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I've said I was aiming for April 1st ever since this page was established, but I said "No promises" for a reason.

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Half-Laugh is NOT going to be released on April 1st. This is why I left the release date as TBD. It was never certain. I recently realized this wouldn't be the case and I decided to clear this up now before people got their hopes up too far.

I will, however, give some chapter-specific progress updates:

  • Point Insertion - 100% (pretty much)
  • A Red Letter Day - 100% (it might need some spicing up but it's releasable as it is)
  • Route Kanal - 100% (I think?)
  • Water Hazard - 80% (This percentage can also be said on each individual map)
  • Black Mesa East - 85% (Keep forgetting to finish a certain character's implementation)
  • We Don't Go To Ravenholm... - 75%
  • Highway 17 - 35%
  • Sandtraps - 10%
  • Nova Prospekt - 50%
  • Entanglement - 0-5%
  • Anticitizen One - 70%
  • Follow Freeman - 70%
  • Our Benefactors - 15%
  • Dark Energy - 0%

Keep in mind I'm not working on any of this chronologically.

There's also things like bonus maps, models and assets, sounds, etc. I would not be able to reach a deadline like April 1st, especially since I have more projects going on at the same time.

I'm sorry if this disappoints anyone.


Take your time..

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