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Hacknet's back in full development (and has been for a while), complete with new missions, new programs, new features, new everything!

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Hacknet v1.23 (Current Version)

Development News

Hacknet is back in full development - in fact is has been for a long time now! Lots of new features, new missions, new programs (new everything) are in. The story now splits into multiple paths, that are completely different. It's making development take a lot longer, but should improve the game significantly. The paths play quite differently - Hacknet watches your actions and you'll end up with a different game depending on what attitude you take towards things. It's exciting times!

Hacknet Development Screens 2 Hacknet Development Screens 2
Hacknet Development Screens 2 Hacknet Development Screens 2

soad667 - - 101 comments

This totally made my day, keep it up! ;)

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Jack5500 - - 178 comments

commercial release or open-source for everybody to help? or neither?

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Orann Author
Orann - - 92 comments

At this point it's looking very likely it'll be big enough for a commercial release. I might open source it a bit after that though. As of right now it has mod support though - you can write your own missions and computers and networks etc for it.

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lilcapadre23 - - 1 comments

where can i get the mod to make my own stuff?
i am a huge fan of your work.

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Heartbroken - - 63 comments

Yeah ! Can't wait to see how the game will go now !

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Sylvara - - 9 comments

:D Ah you're all wonderful. (I /really/ love this game)

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kujahn - - 14 comments

Yes! Orann, Good stuff. More of that unique exp
thank you

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