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It's been a while but believe me we have done a lot! Version 0.014 is up and so is the Steam Page! We have a massive 50+ minute update video for you all! Not only that but our Unreal Engine 4 grant application is about to be sent! Wish us luck! Oh and official trailer is also up! ENJOY and have a great Christmas everyone :) Rich

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Hello Gunsmithers! We are back with a huge update! It's a whopper 50+ minute long video. Not only that the Steam Page is now up and running! We have spent weeks on version 0.014 and not only that our Unreal 4 Developer grant is going off for approval so wish us luck!

steam page live

VERSION 0.014 Developer Vlog!


Massive Change Log Below if you are interested!

Changes are listed chronologically from the past update to current state. Enjoy!

  • Implemented the Boxing Process: The Boxer only accepts finished per recipe items from the boxer’s pre-defined list of items, and, outputs a cardboard box with each 20 items.
  • Proper display of the boxing machine’s information as well as the ability to turn it On/Off.
  • Added new resources (All metals) and new icons.
  • Major! Added Machine Renaming.
  • Major! Added a global inventory to the game. The inventory will contain all non-finished crafted items (Non-Finished = Not the final state on the recipe) that either get input into the wrong machine or the machine doesn’t have the proper recipe. As well as the items that get hoovered. It is basically like the Resource Inventory but for crafted items.
  • Added a new display of the inventories, both for the Resources, the Items and the finished, packaged items.
  • Build Menu does not close other panels.
  • The Dispenser now has another list (when available) of inventory items. Thus, if items were restocked into the inventory for reasons above, you can dispense them once more from the Dispensers like resources.
  • Each machine apart from the Dispenser and Boxer now tracks its own quantity of inputs and outputs. If the machine is demolished, everything gets put back into inventory.
  • End of Line only shelves Cardboard boxes now (Items marked as ShelfItems internally).
  • Major! Added the Cookbook. Display of all craftable items and all machines.
    • Items list: Each items displays its ingredients, the machine it’s made in and a tree laying out its production Line.
    • Machines list: Each machine displays all items made in it.
  • Major! Added Utility machines as well as tracking of each one. Gas, Water, Electricity and Maintenance Cost. The moment one of these goes out of capacity (no money to cover cost for maintenance cost), all machines are turned off until fulfilling the requirement and an icon above the machines is displayed. Fulfilling the requirement returns the machines to their previous state before going out (If they were On, they will go back On).
  • Updated Market with all new resources as well as prices.
  • Major! Added Orders and Clients. Orders have expiration timers, items requirements, fulfillment timers, etc Clients deposit new Orders after a certain duration until a maximum of available orders is reached (10 currently). Clients have Reputation that is affected by completing their Orders as well as when you either don’t accept an order of theirs (Expiration) or don’t fulfill it in time (Fulfillment timer).
  • Added an inventory display like the Resources and Items Inventory for finished, packaged and shelves items (These are the ones required in orders for example).
  • Added a text notification area and system to be used in various occasions.
  • After fulfilling orders, the cardboard boxes on the shelves get used in an order of newest to oldest.
  • Major! Extra Cool! Added a right sliding panel that contains a LOT! of cool statistics for the game!
  • Major! Added a system that restricts placing items outside of allowed/owned areas. Which meant the addition of a new feature: Unlockable extension area. They are quite expensive which makes sense.
  • Remake of the Pause Menu!
  • Major! Big! Added fully functional advanced Saving & Loading. Autosave periodically with a rotating notification. Quicksave (F5) and QuickLoad (F9, newest/latest game save). Continue button on the main menu (Same as QuickLoad, newest/latest game save). The Save and Load menus contain a listing of all saves (Placed inside the game’s SaveGames folder). By clicking on a save, you can see some information about it and you can delete it.
  • Polished Main Menu.
  • Major! Added a basic Tutorial! When starting a new game, you can decide to pass a basic tutorial that takes you through the general features of gameplay. After you finish, you can either continue on the Tutorial level or start fresh on a new game.
  • Added social media buttons to the main menu, spread the word!

The End...

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