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We've added Guns, Jumping and Resource Collection!

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Today we'd like to show you something we've been working on. This includes: the guns we've made so far, jumping and the newly added feature resource collection. Not everything is final yet so please keep that in mind. In the video below you can see the things we've added and how they currently look in the game.

When you use your drill on a ore deposit, resources will come out. There are different level deposits as shown in the video. Higher level deposits will give more/better resources, although you'll need a higher drill to do so.

We've also worked on some weapons. They are a mix between regular guns and a bit more futuristic guns. You can get a better look on the images down below:

Screen Shot 2015 10 09 at 12 48

Screen Shot 2015 10 09 at 12 49

Thanks for your time, we hope this is something you enjoy seeing. If so please let us know, we'd love to get feedback.

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Awesome. I really like this project. Keep it up!

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