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We decided it was about time to rework some of the smaller but crucial elements of the game, the weapons!

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The Machinegun needed a small but noticeable upgrade. Here you can find an image of the old version:

Old Machinegun

We've made some changes to the back of the model and made it somewhat more open. Even the animation got a little more extreme. Below you can see the new version with animation.

Redoing the regular gun was a much needed upgrade. It was downright too simple and boring.

Old Regulargun

The regular gun was completely remade from scratch. it needed a lot more PUNCH! The new model's animation has a lot more going for it. As the gun you will likely use most of the time, this rework was a necessity. Below you can find the new version with animation.

As for the shotgun upgrade, we figured it was too bulky. It too needed alot of changes. We did however like the idea of a twin barrel shotgun, but it wasn't showing enough power. The old animation wasn't visible enough. Below you wil find the old (bulky) shotgun model.

Old ShotgunSmall

Below you wil find the new shotgun and animation. As you can see there have been a lot of changes for the better. And ingame it feels badass!

Last but not least we added a NEW gun. A ROCKET LAUNCHER! It's always fun to blow things up! (In video games of course). ;)

More updates on HOVERLOOP coming soon! As the EARLY ACCESS release draws near we will keep you up to date with everything HOVERLOOP.

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How does this relate to UDK?

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Hoverloop Author

Made in Unreal! Cannot find an Unreal Engine 4 group...

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The article is in the right group ("Unreal Engine 4 Devs, Modders, and Players"), however the related engines are what begs my question.

If its a UE4 project, I don't think it should be in the UDK news.

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Hoverloop Author

Gone now! Didn't know it would automatically relate to "Unreal Engine 4 Devs, Modders, and Players". Thank you for noticing ;).

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Just doing the Samaritan's work...

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