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Hi Bob, did you know there's four Macintosh Wolf scenarios about you?

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Forward and onward, can't stop now!

If I'm not mistaken, it's been quite a while since I last ported a Clubey scenario. Well, here is one. Bobby Wolfenstein is eleven maps for the First Encounter, and as Clubey says in the readme, it was made mostly for fun and brushing up his map editing skills. The set is actually based on three other, older scenarios, namely 2-24-95 Bob, Eat on Bob's Chicken 1 and Eat on Bob's Chicken 2. The original author of the modified maps is acknowledged in credits.

So our other ports in this release are... Why, of course 2-24-95 Bob and both Eat on Bob's Chicken sets, all made by Robert T. Butler for the First Encounter. The former offers a single map of rather simplistic design, while the other two contain five levels each and are a lot more involved (and difficult). Consequently, Clubey's version of those floors makes them even harder, and so as a result we face eleven large, very difficult maps swarming with enemies. Be warned.

Clubey and Robert T. Butler

chicken1 1

chicken2 1

Download Bobby Wolfenstein

Bobby Wolfenstein

Download 2-24-95 Bob

2-24-95 Bob

Download Eat on Bob's Chicken

Eat on Bob's Chicken 1

Download Eat on Bob's Chicken 2

Eat on Bob's Chicken 2

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