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Things are starting to get implemented. Native enemy ai is still a mess. Hope taleworlds improve it. Otherwise, a coder will be recruited.

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Got something rolling on nexus.

Gun & Powder

- Major factions have a pikeman troop and firearm troop. (Khuzait doesn't have pikeman. Doesn't match their style)
- Looter troop tree has a looter branch. (I tested for a few hours but haven't seen any advanced looter spawn. If anyone knows how looters level up, let me know)
- Adds regular archers to the Battanian troop tree.
- Reduced sound volume of muskets for better playability. (Hundreds of musket sounds going off at the same time silences the sounds. Native thing)
- Non-crossbow loading animations. (Still need to get custom firearm animations in)
- Musket particle effects similar to what I see on youtube. (I did the best that I was able to decipher)



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