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Volsinii city after PVN bombardment - year 2330

War-Torn and Without Choice
by Kalev Ehin

For fourteen years, we have seen nothing but ongoing warfare under the blood-stained banner of the GTA. The ever-present threat of attack from the Vasudans has kept us from knowing even the briefest moment of respite. There are children of Antares alive today that have never known peace.

No. This 'armistice' with the Vasudans is not peace. It seems likely that, as history would suggest, this cease-fire will be repealed and we'll be at war again. Who genuinely believes this unholy alliance could possibly bear anything resembling a lasting peace? It's only a matter of time. Out here at the edge of space, we are at the mercy of power hungry politicians and warmongering generals.

Shouldn't the GTA should be considering the rights of the laymen and not worrying about pushing their borders? Even with the fleet in shambles, they still display their propaganda and cruise their destroyers around as if they are a force to be reckoned with. Symbols of Terran pride. Beacons of stability. The stale notions of some previous era. All too often in our history governments fall because their pride and greed render them deaf to the cries of the people. What makes the GTA any different?

Each colony in Antares has been notified that the GTA is redeploying its forces and that the Intrepid's battle group is heading this way in the coming months. We can only assume they intend to strengthen their forces near the Vasudan core systems. Or perhaps they have come to ensure our continued submission. Whatever the reason, it is sure that the conflict we have come to know will return to this little area of space soon enough.

Time and again we see the same things happen… How long until we decide that enough is enough? kalev.ehin@gulnaranet.gta

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