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After our Easter break we can show you all the progress we made! In these 2 weeks we defined the game's logo, made some sketches for the game's main enemy: the guards! We also sneak in some sketches of the king!

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Hello everyone!

Last week we were on Easter break so we weren't able to post. However, we are back this week with more news about Royal Skedaddle!

The first thing we have to show you is some of the initial designs of the guards. They will be the main antagonistic force in the game so it was important to us that they looks the best they could.

We started by making some sketches and thumbnails to understand what shape we wanted.

Guard InitialSketches png

We then picked the 2 we like the most and made further sketches with more detail.

Guard Sketches

Lastly we picked the best one and started to make color studies to determine what scheme fitted the best.

Guard ColourStudies

That is everything we currently have for the guards but you can expect new stuff the coming weeks!

Besides the guards, we were also busy at work deciding what the logo would look like. After many different iterations, we landed on this one. (May be subjected to changes)


Lastly, we sneaked in some sketches for the king, even though he doesn't appear inside the game!

King Sketches

I hope you all enjoyed what we had to show you after the break and that you come back next week for news about Royal Skedaddle!!



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