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Guard Divisions have been confirmed, however not just 1 Guard division will be played

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Since no specific Guard Division played in the whole war, we'll be playing more than 1.

This Part will mostly focus on specific battles rather than the Division itself

A 3-Part Campaign will be played with a total of 21 missions

Part 1 - Kiev to Stalingrad 1941/42 - Story of the 13th Guards Rifle Division - Infantry

1. Encirclement of Kiev
2. Kiev Outskirts
3. Battle of Kharkov
4. Railway Station No. 1
5. Red October Tractor Factory
6. Pavlov's House

Part 2 - Stalingrad to Kursk 1942/43 - Story of Guard Armies and their Divisions - Tanks and Infantry

1. Operation Uranus
2. Romanians Routed
3. Little Saturn
4. Tatsinskaya Raid
5. Kharkov the Recapture
6. Tank Engagement at Prokhorovka
7. Pushing them Back

Part 3 - Korsan to Berlin 1944/45 - Story of the Guards Tank Divisions Fighting to Berlin - Tanks

1. Korsan-Cherkassy Pocket
2. Bagration
3. Vilnius
4. Memel
5. Elbing
6. Heiligenbeil pocket.
7. Seelow Heights
8. South East Berlin

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Keep up the work!

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