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News Update (Jan 13th, 2010) this project is almost 5 years old! Looking at the state of things and the lack of interest from others, I am thinking about scrapping the project, quitting modding and moving on to something else. I haven't given up on it yet, but am not far from it. Searching the internet today I find there's nothing good being said about the project; there are people complaining about the mod all around the world, and this is mostly because of the peds missing from the streets

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All the feedback points to one thing.

Why are there no peds?

I need to know where the streets are first before we add the peds/ vehicles, (you can not do it the other way around)

I have to put more time on the maps first, trying to get it all right as I have remodelled most of what couldn't be ported over from SA, and I have only started repairing and updating LC.

''Doesn't anyone understand what It took to bring this all together, having to do things in the right order so everything else fits in.''

Why can you not port this to SA or GTAIV?

Why I can not use the SA engine and any other? - Simple, I got permission to do this on VC back in 2003. When I went to R* about doing the SA version, I was turned away and any other contact was soon ignored. (if *R are reading this, thanks guys)

GTAIV, all the models would need to be converted a different way, plus IDE and IPL files.

What am I doing now?

Working on LC, replacing some of the badly made models that Rockstar created and this is because you only saw GTAIII from one level, the missions are based on street level only, the player was not expected to see the city from way above.

Why did you release a mod with no Peds or Vehicles?

I hoped people would be able to find bugs for me, this would speed up how I could fix everything on the maps before I moved onto other stages of the project.

What needs doing?


1. Hacking the limits on the engine still. The Ped limit still is a big issue but not impossible.
2. I am still unable to get the Peds and Vehicles across the maps.
3. Replace Andy's Limit adjuster as this was an unfinished beta, that adds bugs to the VC exe.
4. More work on the maps, replacing those beta bridges.
5. Remove DeathSquad's tunnels, as he gave up on it and helping me.
6. SCM code the missions, from the storyline we have had done.
7. Work out what vehicles we need, because I have 600 in the game.
8. Anything else that I haven't put here to improve the project, I am sure someone else will think of something.

Have you had any support of others?

Not much, People do tend to drop by and contribute something now and again and of course these people have been credited, but no one sticks around.

Why did you release the mod?

This started out as a research project just for VC only, I just wanted to know how much the engine could handle with the computers specs I had at the time, and running the mod at full speed with the hardware I have now.

When will you release Beta 52.0?

When I get some of the other issues fixed, mostly peds.

Do you think your get any help from other modders or coders

No, but for many reasons.

VC engine is now classed as retro modding, The general modding community moves forward with the times but sometimes to fast.

Tools that was started for VC or SA may be only betas and may never get finished, If those people spend more time researching these tool it would benefit everyone, we would see better mods.

There has been more tools made for VC, then any other modding game out there not just GTA!, the same can not be said for SA, or GTAIV.

I am a strong believer that you finish what you started, and I would like to have seen all GTA engines tooled up.

So your going to finish this project?


What mapping tools do you use?

Ked (Moomapper) mostly, but notepad is the best tool.

Why the VC engine?

VC engine is the best engine to mod with hardly any restrictions for Rockstar.

The Future?

This depends on what support I get, I have had people come to me in the past but they do not stick around much, it has been me all the way working alone on this, and this was not what I had in mind when I first started.

I do have a life, so lately I have no spent as much time on this as I might like too.

Keith Mc-Kay


Sounds like a hell of a lot of pressure.

People today are just impatient as hell. Good luck.

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Good luck for your project. If you finish it, I think it would be awesome.

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If people really get to know about this mod I think alot of people would have helped. But to get the word around you need to do something to make people all around the world to get to know it. Maybe a little chit chat with raywilliamjohnson and walla! You got it up and atleast 500 000 people will get to know it :D

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Don't worry about the rest. Lot of people criticizes others work very badly, but at the time of working they do nothing. Moreover I think that's a great job which you have done to the moment.
To solve the problem with the Peds: Have you tried with the VC Limit Adjuster? I suppose that you did. You can find a wiki article at

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