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Grupo CSOBR is a Brazilian Team that want to highlight all old Mods from Half-Life. Now, we want BrainBread alive again. Check full text below.

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Hello, Survivors!

Today, 06/10/2017, the Grupo CSOBR will be distributing the Half-Life Mod, BrainBread, to the Brazilian territory and in future to other countries in the world.

Remembering that action is not something profitable, we are just doing a community service to help spread the game to other local language players.

The idea is highlight the game to make it live again, because every day the servers are being closed and this saddens all fans.

And following the same idea of ​​the old team, BrainBread: The New Era - that was on my possession -, we will, slowly, bring new cosmetic contents to the mod, everything related to Skins, such as: Character, Weapons, Items, etc. We even created a summary about the idea of ​​these content from other games (for example: Counter-Strike Online) being appearing in the world of BrainBread. Check below:

When you think everything is strange, something makes it worse! With the dimension of the Half-life universe being altered thanks to the crash of the Resonance Cascade in conjunction with the Nihilanth-controlled Xen portals, numerous dimensions of various universes have been hit and thus have brought various people, weapons, items to BrainBread. "

Therefore, we will bring Skins to you and a new website to make everything more organized and practical. For now, the website will be in Portuguese, but soon, we will provide an English version as well.

Thank you.
- Patrijck (Former Pkzeiro), President of the Grupo CSOBR.
Website: BrainBread

brunocar - - 1,158 comments

when you have to depend on brazileans to keep a game up you are already dead, just look at quake live

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RichardRM - - 148 comments

true that

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Guest - - 695,278 comments

Revive the Brainbread, my brothers! Provide information on how to join your servers in Steam as well, I'd be all for it.

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Hellektronic - - 141 comments

It's officially down to one empty server left.

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