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There's a new jam-packed Beta coming. Graphics, Tech tree, Linux and more...

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During the last few months of 2013 communication was lost with Moon, but we have launched a new satellite and have fully re-established our contact. We’re now busy beavering away in preparation for our next Beta update.

Firstly, Valve are approving titles for Greenlight in larger batches and we are pleased to announce we are now positioned at #59, but we still need your votes if we are to be approved as soon as possible. As soon as we are you can expect full Steam integration in Moon Rising so don’t delay and head over to our Greenlight page to vote for us:
Moon Rising - Steam Greenlight


Units - All units are going through a graphical update, take a look at the new Supply Truck!

Supply Truck

HUD Design - complete refresh to improve use and readability
Action Interface - Roll over the action buttons to show their effective area quickly

Action Interface

Technology Tree
We always had planned this game feature and are ready to release the first version in the next Beta. Experience points are earned through all actions in the gamea and these can be ‘spent’ on unlocking extra abilities and weaponry through a Tech Tree, depending on the tactics you which to use.Some of the unlockables include:

  • Reinforcement Astronaut Unit
  • Shield Units
  • Area Laser
  • Meteor Strike
  • EMP Ability

Linux Version
We have a Linux version up and running and will be releasing this as part of the next Beta and we’re preparing for the launch of SteamOS and will be aiming to release for this OS too.

Game Controller
SteamOS is a ‘big screen’ experience and more players are hooking their gaming machines to their TV. It’s time to kick back in a comfy chair, controller in hand and battle it out in Moon Rising. Coming in the next update will be our first venture into using a controller (360/PS etc) to play Moon Rising….

That’s all for now, there are lots of other little bits but we’ll tell you all about that when the Beta is ready to go. Keep following us here, on Facebook, Twitter over the next few weeks as we release the latest updates.
See you on the Moon!

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