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Dear friends, at long last we are ready to show you the game live!

Posted by on - today at 7PM (EDT time)!

You will see a walk through the beautiful world of Ree'Fah and completion of several quests. We will meet the residents, fight monsters, and moreover — we will have a boss fight!

Tonight's anchor — the leading game designer of Talerock studio, Max! He will answer all your questions!

Grimshade is a story-driven tactical RPG featuring a turn-based combat system and non-linear progression, set in a fantasy world. Lead a group of adventurers on a journey through the world of Ree'Fah.
Key features of Grimshade:

  • Tactical initiative-based battles. Choice and layout of characters change the outcome of the battle;
  • A unique upgrade system without experience, based solely on equipment: characters' skills and their combat style are determined by their set of equipment;
  • Six available game characters, each with their unique history and characteristics;
  • The system of relations between characters, which affects the story and provides advantages in battles;
  • A vast fantasy world in the age of steam engines and techno mages;
  • An exciting and developed storyline features over 20 hours of gameplay.

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