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In our latest article we discuss a few new things and reveal what's next!

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New Content;

Most open world survival games are starting to feel less and less open world and more "here is a sand box. Don't leave the sand box". Well our game does a bit of both. Our game is open world with plenty of worldly content. But then there are also the crypts, delves, dungeons, castles, lairs and a whole mess of other featured areas of the game that hold plenty more gaming content! Well in this video we show off our new game trailer which includes water and swimming, and also shows off our new Delve asset; Caves!

Our next move;

With our new cave system effectively in place we can start the construction of our "Delves", which are one of the most important parts of the game. Meaning we've overcome one big aspect of Grimore: Vengeance! Our next plan of attack will be to construct these delves, fill them will tons of content, and test them. After that we'll show off a video of all of our current gameplay to keep everyone up to speed! Also, anyone interested in working with us on this project simply message me and we can talk it out.

Special thanks;

We here at WillingShade Studios would like to thank each of our backers for their continued support and inspiring motivation among our members! My personal motivator would be my girlfriend, without whom i'd never have gotten this far in the first place.

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