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Help bring this game to life with your support! Crowd funding and game pre-orders started!

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Indiegogo campaign:

We've started our indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign! Help support this game and get incredible perks and rewards!

The game:

Enjoy playing hack'N'slash FPS fantasy games? if so, this is the game for you! Set in a fantasy medieval world, you embark on an epic quest to redeem your fallen order. Hunt down demons, the undead, and all manner of foul creatures as you seek to liberate the world from the tyranny of the Lord of the Chilling Depths!

Making a game is no small feat. Nor is it easy. We need YOUR help to make this game something truly remarkable! The game is currently only available on windows, mac, and linux, but we do plan on making the game avaiable via mobile devices and other gaming platforms!

Our Goal

If successfully funded, we plan to buy some new hardware, pay some salaries, and hire more professionals to work on this game to make this game something truly special! Until now, this game was being made by a single person! So in order to speed up production it was decided that help was needed. Wanting the very best possible outcome, we decided to do a crowdfunding campaign to help get this game really going! At the moment the game already shows some great potential. But it needs more. Although i said "crowdfunding", we dont just want people to look at the game and attempt to "throw us money". We want you to look at all of the perks we offer as well. You can even pre-order the game now and get it once it's finished! And even if you can't help fund us, You could still share our campaign around on other social media if you support us! Cheers! :)

Grimore: Vengeance

We decided to do a crowdfunding project because we need the funds to finish our game project Grimore: Vengeance. We're a small team but we have the skills necessary to deliver a great immersive experience!

Grimore: Vengeance is a singleplayer Hack'N'Slash first person game which has been in planning for a little over a year now. We are really eager to start, and if everything goes well, the game should be completed in a year or so. This is when we'll publish the game on Steam.

All of our members will be financially secure while the project is going. We just need these funds to finish the game. We are extremely ambitious, have tons of initiative,and have the drive and dedication necessary to see this game through! We just need a sum of funds to get this project really going.

Below: our snow system.

If you have a passion for fantasy/medieval RPG hack'n'slash games, this is where it's at! in first person! Combat and story immersion will be our primary focus, and we will keep open minds to what our backers have to say about the project! :)

Here's a link to our site on IndieDB:

We need your help!

We've come a long way with the technology, but now need your help in finishing this game. What initially started as a 6 month project has quickly turned into a 2 year project. Instead of just accepting nothing is perfect and going ahead and publishing the game on Steam, we realized the fact that we were making a potentially truly immersive game, and we decided to proceed in order to make the game that we knew we could make. We are extremely grateful for any funding we might receive from anyone and we also have some pretty good perks to go along with the funding as a reward to our backers! Its your chance to be part of this great game and experience the fun for yourself!

The funds:

The funds will be used for several things like the following; Professional quality character models, full rigged, animated and textured. Pro licenses allowing us to improve several components in the game and giving us access to more engine features. Copyrights. Acquiring additional help for models, audio, music and other professional grade assets.

Our fans:

Even if you cant back us in the form of money, you could still spread the word around about this project and the game! Remember, we want what YOU want!

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