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Grid is a superb game offline and online , this mod has many changes to hopefully satisfy people whether the preference is single-play or online private host only. The main focus of this mod was directed to any car on any track for online private hosting. I had done up a single-player beta mod with many changes to the "Raceday" section of Grid and "Demolition Derby" event from Career mode already so it only made sense to build onto it to with ACAT mainly for online private hosting.

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Here are the changes to see how it will change your game so you can easily decide if the mod will be worth trying out.

"Raceday" mode:
-Added derby tracks to Raceday events to most circuit race events.
-All tracks that had either 11 or 7 ai to race against has been set to 15 ai to race against.

Car changes in "Raceday" mode: (all cars taken from drift battle/gp )
Derby -added Boss Mustang and Cuda.
Pro Muscle-added Honda Nsx,Toyota Supra,Nissan Skyline and Nissan 350.
GT2-added Porche. (only has one skin)
Midnight Touge-added Jupiter,Cuda,Honda Nsx,Lacetti,Bmw and Fmj1000.
ProTouge- added Jupiter,Lacetti,Bmw and Fmj1000.

Track changes in "Raceday" mode: (all tracks taken from drift battle/gp)
Derby-36 race circuits added(one route of every track being either the forward or reverse route, both Lemans tracks not included)
-10 point to point tracks added (this is all the Haruna touge tracks)

The larger sized tracks added to 24hr Lemans in "Raceday" mode:
Donington- GP and National
Istanbul- GP and Intermediate
Nurburg- GP and Sprint
Spa Franco- GP and Sportscar
Jarma- GP
Okutama- Grand
San Fran- GP
Detroit- GP
Washington- GP
LongBeach- Street
Milan- circuito di milano

"Career" mode and "online private hosting":
Many events have less cars to choose from or are missing tracks, they were needed in the 6 main Career events to achieve AnyCar AnyTrack. Most of the stuff was pulled from drift and touge events.
-Change the amount of event races to higher values to allow all tracks per event possible to be played.
-Lemans 24hr is now San Fran grand prix track.
-Enabled derby tracks and freestyle drift tracks a,b,c,d to be used in test drive.
-Increased demolition to 19 AI cars.They extra 8 AI drive the Cuda and Boss Mustang.
-ACAT:5 events set up with 16 tracks , all of these events have 43 cars to choose from (in career only 21 show up as selectable)
-1 Derby event set up with 14 tracks, the majority being the smallest circuits of each city.You can choose the Jupiter,Cuda or Boss Mustang.


awesome just awesome

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Oddly enough I can't choose any cars when playing LAN. He can choose many and I can't choose any.

I've reinstalled the mod and whatnot loads of times but it still won't work.

Know what it could be?

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This mod is broken. Installed it and it won't let me select any cars at all, even worse the came crashes when you try to do so in some races.

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cant select any other card in Drift Battle Drift GP just stuck on the stupid Derby car

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FOJShadow Author

For that versoin of mod we had taken cars and tracks from drift events. In the upcoming version all tracks and cars put back in their normal events with tracks and cars added in where we want.

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