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The first media update for the Fallout 3 original TC is now live!

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The New Trailer is now on ModDB!

It may have been quiet for a while, but Grey Sky is far from dead. I've decided to stop releasing playable versions for the time being, so instead we have the first big media update.

First off we've got a new trailer for you to check out, kicking off a new series of trailers I'll be doing that profile the different locations of the game as they're completed. This time we have the Outskirts, the first area you play through. Unfortunately the embedding option for the post isn't working right for me.

There's also a few new screenshots showing off a bit more of what I've been working on.

I've also decided that I'll be doing frequent non-media updates just to keep you all in the loop. So here's what's been going on in town:

Primary construction for the Outskirts is done, which means that all I have to do is add in the details and polish the interiors. You may notice I've found an unbroken road object, (A problem a lot of people rightfully complained about. It really did look weird before.) and I've started adding doors and interiors.

Since there are a lot of houses (Over 40) I can't reasonably do interiors for all of them. So I've decided to lock some of them and open a text window with an explanation for why it's closed. Like in the Silent Hill games when you try a fake door and it says "The lock is broken, I can't get it open", only with more variation. Some of my favorites include:

'The knob melts as my hand draws near and reforms when I pull away. I'll leave that one alone.'
'I walk through the doorway and somehow find my self back out on the street without having turned around.'
'The knob spins a full 360 degrees without opening.'

It might have been hard to tell from just the trailers, but make no mistake, there's some weird stuff going on here.

I've started adding creatures. GSC Gameworld, the creators of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. lets people use resources from the games in other non-profit projects. So naturally, people have started importing models into Fallout 3, myself included. Fans of the series will no doubt recognize familiar faces in new trailer like the Zombie, Izlom, and Snork. And yes, I did change the textures. They're supposed to look like that.

I also changed the sky to something much cooler. The clouds now form a ring around the town without actually covering it, making the whole thing look just the tiniest bit stranger. I've also changed the atmospheric properties to give it a slightly over-saturated, blurred look.

The project hit a big milestone last month with it's first birthday. I was hoping to have the new stuff up by then, but I guess I'll just have to stick by the old 'better late then never' standby and hope that you all agree.

That's pretty much it for now. In addition to finishing up the Outskirts I'll be starting the next environment, the Wilds, just as soon as I can get the Point Lookout DLC. It looks like it has some resources that will help a lot for that location, and if it does that will mean that the mod will require it to play.

Don't forget to comment, and here's to a whole new year. Big things are gonna happen.

- Entanglment


Would it be possible to make real space loops in Fallout 3, rather than just a text message?

Anyway, really glad to know this project wasn't abandoned.

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the pictures look awesome nice job!

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excellent progress, looks really good...cant wait to give it a try.

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