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My first post on IndieDb. Here I detail what I have been working on Overcrowd: A Commute 'Em up in recent months, along with a short description of how the game plays.

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It's been a 3 year long journey that has got me here. Blood. Sweat. Tears. Laughter. Pain. Horror. More Pain. Additional Sweat. Yes, all of these I have experienced in the course of developing Overcrowd: A Commuter 'Em Up. But now it's reached the point that I'm happy to start showing what I've got, and hopefully pick up a few volunteers who want to help me in alpha testing.

Overcrowd plays a bit like an management RTS, except there is no combat. The game is really about choosing when and how to spend your resources on dealing with problems in your underground station. It's easy really, you just need to react, decide when its best to call and when to buy and sell your units.

I haven't written a dev log for a while now, so this is really a shortened version. In fact hundreds of things have changed since then. I'll post in more detail on the website when I have time - yes I kept notes.


- Added shopping behaviour paths to commuters
- New icon behaviour above commuters in different states
- New method of building stations
- Drunk people added,
- Power ups added, spawning
- Whole new particle system
- Ability to level up units
- Fixed pathfinding issues on commuters
- Can buy and sell units at will
- Gameover state
- Menu system
- Audio track and fades
- Added speia tint on pause
- People don't walk on spot
- Rodent infestations
- Litter unit can kill rodents
- Better variation on anger and vomit thresholds
- Fixed punching and vomiting animations
- Added 14 new commuter types
- Made litter unit female
- Show people inside train as it fills up
- Units search for commuters to act on differently to allow prioritisation for knocked out commuters over vomiting commuters
- Train can enter platform from either side on different levels
- door sprite fixed
- Cardiac arrests occur with countdown before commuter dies
- New debrillation animations, sparks and sounds
- New fonts
- Intertia on scroll, dragging works
- Commuters slip in blood and vomit
- Commuters sometimes flee alarming things
- Rate of events properly controlled by "director"
- Many many more thing

Hope you can follow the development some more. I expect some exciting updates soon!


looks very cool - its would be good managing underground station - upgrading ticket gates and ticket machines etc

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